Are Sleeper Sofas Still a Thing? And Other Furniture Questions We Heard This Week.

Are sleeper sofas still a thing?

Yes, and for more than the obvious space-saving reason. Sleeper sofas are still a thing because now they are designed a lot better than those old, uncomfortable metal fold out beds from back in the day. We've covered some of the benefits in the Product Spotlight on Innovation Living Sofa Beds. These sofas are designed in Denmark and stocked in the US for 2-3 weeks delivery in a variety of durable, performance fabrics. They are flat packed into cartons for easy delivery even in the tightest spaces. They get excellent reviews for both design, functionality, and most importantly comfort. And you can always add a foam topper if you want the sleeping surface to be a bit softer.

Osvald Sofa Bed

What is the best fabric for a sofa if you have dogs?

We've written extensively on the topic of durable sofa fabrics with pets but let's face it, no one wants to go in depth on the subject. What most people want is to be pointed in the direction of a durable fabric option then settle in on a color that works in their interior.

Seeing is believing so this is where we'd like to invite you to watch a short video on the new performance fabrics available for Eilersen sofas. You won't believe how easy it is to clean these fabrics and Eilersen offers removable sofa covers for dry cleaning if desired.

Learn more about stain removal on the new, super durable fabric groups - BerlinMunich, and Munster.

Are low sofas comfortable?

Yes, however, when we're talking lower than 14" you might want someone to lift you up. We all love the low look, especially in studio photography but a 15" seat height is usually preferred for comfort to suit a variety of guests.

What type of sofa is the most comfortable?

Our general rule is to look for the raised cushion. What do we mean by this? Let's look at an example. The Egeo Sofa by Nicoline Italia is often reviewed by our customers as the most comfortable sofa. In some cases,

THE most comfortable sofa I have ever sat on!

There are all kinds of things that add to the overall comfort of a sofa. Some of it is subjective, but some of it is technical like the type of foam under the cover. If you curious about expert sofa construction, we've written quite a bit about that. But in an effort to make things quick and easy we'd like to point out a little inside secret, the raised sofa cushion. Look at the Egeo here, it is very subtle and easy to mis but you'll notice a 1" section that creates a sturdy, solid foundation for the sofa, but 95% of the seat is cushion!
Nicoline Italia Egeo Sofa
Let's look at one a little more obvious like Darcy by Moss Home. This sofa or chair is so comfortable that most people audibly groan while settling into it. You'll notice the raised cushion entirely separate from the structure of the sofa, and Moss Home gives you the option to choose both goose down and alternative down that add even more comfort to your liking.
Bric Sofa Nicoline
Prefer something a little more firm? Try the Bric by Nicoline Italia. You'll notice right away a completely upholstered seat with tufting to hold the upholstery firmly in place. The Bric gets incredible reviews for those who prefer a more sturdy seat. It's all personal preference but hopefully these tips help you sort through the sea of options.

What is a good depth for a sofa?

20" seat depth is considered a bit upright whereas 22" is generally the standard, at least for most of our lines. When you get to 24" you're starting to lounge. A popular design is to incorporate a moving backrest where you control the seat depth. The ultimate sofa with moving backrests is the Playground by Eilersen. These backrests are entirely removable but stay in place remarkably well thanks to a weighted base in the trapezoidal bolster and a friction pad on the bottom. You'll find several iterations of this design like the Bresso by Nicoline Italia or the Filiph by Art Nova.

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May 21, 2022 by Trade Source

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