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Playground Sofa

$2,799.00 USD

Brand Eilersen
SKU: 672C0210115
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The Playground sofa with adjustable, movable backrest bolsters is in stock in the US in 5 fabric combos for quick delivery.  Find fabric images Nueva, Bakar, Bubble II, Gravel, Plindy, Tangent, Desert, Herring and Nature, all available for special order with promotional pricing.  Inquire for more info.  

Fabric samples available upon request.

Sit, lie down, enjoy - and play with Eilersen's patented back-block sofa. Now offered in five fabric combos in stock in the US for quick delivery, the Playground sofa with movable bolsters is created to satisfy the need for combining sofa and bed. The idea with the Playground is to offer a multi-purpose piece of furniture that is both flexible and mobile. It is also available as a special order in a variety of fabrics.

The Playground comes with a removable, dry-cleanable cover for longevity.  The backrests are easily movable and come with a friction bottom to remain in place when seated.  Combine two Playground sofas with bolsters to form a remarkably versatile sectional L shaped sofa, while doubling as a super comfortable guest bed if necessary. Another interesting Playground sofa configuration is to have two facing each other if your space allows.

The Playground sofa has been remarkably popular in the US and with good reason.  Although primarily a sofa for home, these sofas are versatile enough for start up and commercial spaces, gallery space, and in a staging environment.  Check in for current stock and lead time to your destination.


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Eilersen Playground Dimensions

Seat height: 15 ¼" · Back bolster support height: 12 ½"

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  • Is there a place on your website that describes the features of your different fabrics?

    Spec sheets are attached here. If you would like to respond to this note, we can send the spec sheets for the 3 fabrics in stock to you in email, in case they are not viewable here.