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How long will furniture delivery take?

We'll clarify the lead time involved in your specific order either prior to, or immediately after placing your order.  Generally Quick Ship means 2-4 weeks depending on where you are in the US in relation to the stock warehouse.  If 2-4 weeks is too quick, your order can be held at your local warehouse until you are ready to receive.  In all cases, once your order is picked up and processed by the delivery company, we will send you contact and tracking info.  Otherwise, lead times vary from vendor to vendor and can be clearly communicated on an order specific basis.

While we don't show real time inventory on our site, we can check inventory on request. In general, our lead times estimates are QUICK SHIP, 6-8 Weeks, and 12+ Weeks. Just click LEAD TIME in the top left of any Collection page or TAGS+ in the top left of a product page. Generally when an item is QUICK SHIP, you will see QUICK SHIP in the product SKU.


What is Free Standard Delivery vs. White Glove Delivery?

Free Standard Delivery is included over certain thresholds at Trade Source, this means outside or curbside delivery, and in some cases your order will be placed in your driveway or garage.

White Glove delivery includes placement in room of choice, assembly, and removal of packaging.  This option including full assembly and installation of your furniture is made available to you at checkout and in some cases, is included with your purchase.

Do you ship furniture Internationally?

We deliver at no cost over certain thresholds to US Ship Shop, and you take from there to anywhere in the world!

Do you have product specific questions?

Each product page has an Ask A Question page where you can pop in with questions. Ask away even if it is not on our site. If we can point you in the right direction we'll be more than happy to.

Are wall beds strong?

Yes, our wall beds are mounted directly into wall studs by licensed contractors and capable of supporting 2 people for a comfortable nights sleep. The fold down mechanism is supported by a gas spring piston to make it simple and easy to both open and close the wall bed with a mattress in place. There is a locking mechanism on most units as well to lock it in place when not in use.

What is the difference between a Wall Bed and a Murphy Bed?

Six to one, a half dozen to another. There really is no difference except murphy beds tend to be a more traditional while our wall beds are more modern and can go into the wall itself for the most minimal appearance in your interior. "Murphy" refers to William Lawrence Murphy (1876–1959), who applied for his first wall bed patents around 1900.

Are wall beds comfortable?

All depends on the mattress! We offer Orthopaedic, anatomically sprung mattress quilted with a 100% Cotton cover. Sound cozy? It is! The side boxing and quilted edges also have a 100% cover made to fit specifically to the wall bed.

Each mattress base comes with a 4x4 cm steel frame with rounded corners and non-toxic powder coating with E1 rated laminated beech slats measuring 6.8x0.8 cm and a rigid slat holder typical in European furniture design.

Can a Murphy Bed be used every day?

Absolutely! You'l want your contractor to square up and align everything properly to ensure that the lift mechanism does not wear down over time.

Are Wall Beds difficult to install?

We recommend you find a local, licensed contractor to install your system. However, for those of you DIY types they are fairly straight forward to install yourself. Mounting to studs in the wall is key and a helping hand is recommended.

What if I change my mind?

Short answer, within 72 hours of placing your order online, you can cancel your order for any reason at no cost.  Long answer, see cancellation policy.  Good news, this seldom happens ;)

Does Trade Source have a return policy?

Short answer, we sure do! Long answer, see our return policy.

Where do I find replacement covers for Innovation Sofas?

Innovation Living has introduced new sofa designs like the Conlix with removable, machine washable, and replaceable covers! Unfortunately Innovation no longer offers sofa covers only for previous sofa designs.  Find a little more info about Innovation replacement covers here.

What happens if the furniture arrives with damage?

Short answer, we'll replace it!  Long answer, If a piece arrives with damage, be sure to document it upon arrival with photos and on the delivery paperwork.  If you notice something defective after arrival, send us pics and we'll work with the manufacturer to either repair or replace the item.

Will the drivers move an existing piece of furniture?

We'll put you in touch with delivery crews prior to their arrival at which time you are free to ask.  We use a variety of shipping methods to deliver your items with each company and crew having their own set of guidelines and policies.

How do I clean my sofa?

Generally speaking you should dry spills as quickly as possible and spot clean using liquid sparingly. Often times the use of liquid can cause larger spots than the original spill. Learn more about cleaning sofa fabrics and the inevitable red wine spill here.

Do you provide new sofa covers if we want our sofa re-upholstered?

With some vendors we can quote a new cover. It often makes more sense to consult with an upholsterer local to you.

Do you have any sofas in performance fabrics?

Absolutely! We written a bit about this, see - Best Sofa Fabrics for Dogs, Cats, Kids and the Inevitable Red Wine Spill. Sofas like the Josie and the Playground are stocked in nice performance fabrics. These fabrics are designed to be repellent but are not waterproof so as with any spill the key is to blot dry the fabric quickly, then spot clean with mild soap lightly.

Are you having any sales soon?

Short answer, we're having a sale right now!  Long answer, we offer promo codes for specific discounts on specific pieces or collections.  If it is not abundantly clear what promo is going on at any moment reach out to us, or sign up for our mailing list.

Still have questions?  email us  Cheers!