Under the Covers - What Makes Up an Eilersen Sofa

We're going straight to the source to investigate what lies beneath the surface of a super comfortable Eilersen sofa.  

Eilersen's purchasing specialists are constantly searching the world market not only to find the best quality raw materials but also to keep up with technological developments. Because quality starts with the selection of the right raw materials. All things considered, Eilersen products are the result of more than 100 years of experience to guarantee furniture of excellent quality, comfort, and durability.

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Eilersen Sofa Quality and Reviews

1.  A cushion alternative, which also fulfills the maintenance-free stability and downy appearance of the down cushion and ideal sitting comfort and climate, is the down-top cushion, which consists of a core of high-elastic polyurethane foam filled with 100% duck down and fine feathers sewn into a channel divided case of down-proof cambric.

2. For the seats, Eilersen uses a sandwich structure consisting of polyurethane foam wrapped in a layer of 600 grams of pre-compresed, chemically-bonded cotton. As a result, these cushions retain their appearance and elasticity without maintenance.

3. For the upholstery, Eilersen uses a heavy, durable polyurethane foam, which has been made exceptionally soft to ensure comfort and, therefore, maximum life. Furthermore, the foam is subjected to repeated mechanical compression to reduce the inevitable loss of hardness during use. As a result, Eilersen furniture has built-in, lasting comfort, and a form with ideal elasticity.

4. Precision-machined solid wood offers a light and flexible sofa frame whose parts are glued and assembled with dowels. Year in and year out these frames stand up to the often immense strain to which upholstered furniture is exposed.

Eilersen Sofa Reviews and Construction Quality

5. Fibrefill offers a seated person a sensation of downy softness. Yet it is important that this sensation is retained even after prolonged use, and varying fibrefill quality is soon noticed after limited use. Cheap, lightweight, hard-carded fibrefill collapses after a brief period of use, whereas heavier, more expensive fibrefill, which is pre-compressed and mostly consists of chemically-bonded fibres, is much better at retaining volume. Like polyurethane foam, the price of fibrefill increases with weight and number of treatments, but unfortunately the quality of the fibrefill inside a piece of upholstered furniture is not apparent when you look at the outside.

6. The cushion case is down-proof cambric divided into channels to prevent the filling from excess movement. in your piece of furniture all cushions except the seat cushions are filled with duck down and fine feathers.

7. The duck down and fine feathers used in the cushion filling offer a casual cushion and a piece of furniture with ideal sitting comfort and sitting climate due to the ability of the down and fine feathers to absorb large quantities of moisture. And it is a natural product. The disadvantage, however, could be that if the filling gets moist it tends to stick together. Therefore this type of cushions has to be dried up and shaken regularly to retain its softness and volume.

8. The excellent, long-lasting seat comfort and silent buoyancy are ensured by the use of no zag springs, which are individually mounted in special nylon-lined fittings. The main ingredients of polyurethane foam, a synthetic upholstering material, are polyisocyanates and polyols. Polyurethane foam has a porous cell structure like a sponge. During the manufacturing process, the thickness of the cell wall can be controlled and thus the weight and hardness of the finished product. All polyurethane foam becomes softer with use, so it is easy to imagine that thicker foam with a thicker cell wall is more durable for a longer time.

With the technical aspect aside, you'll feel the benefit of all of this furniture expertise the minute you sink into your very own.  Eilersen provides years of furniture construction expertise that instantly translates upon your first interaction.

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