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Why are we here?  We'll answer that and some other tough questions you ask yourself when you're in a furniture store.  We've spent countless hours, nay, decades, working with furniture shoppers and have come to several conclusions aimed at saving you, the visitor, some heartache and pain ;)  Here is how it works:

1. Get inspired - browse 1000s of carefully selected products from trusted resources. Can't find what you're looking for?...

2. Ask questions - we've heard it all and literally we mean we, have, heard, it, all.

3.  Patience is a virtuebut not always easy, that's why we offer several quick ship products.

4. White glove delivery - we partner with delivery teams across the US to offer optimal delivery service.  Inquire to confirm delivery details!

About Trade Source Furniture

White Glove Delivery offered nationwide.

Trade Source offers some of the world's most beloved furniture brands including: Danish-designed Eilersen sofas including the popular Playground sofa with moveable backrests, Italy's Calligaris with a wide range of household furniture in stock for 3-4 week delivery, Connubia's outdoor furniture plus colorful, playfully designed pieces for your interior, the sophisticated designs of Bontempi Casa including favorites like the Artistico, the Millennium, and the Podium oval table all offering extending table versions, masterfully crafted leather sofas by Nicoline Italia and Cierre, plus Art Nova featuring the popular Filiph double sided sofa for indoor or outdoor use, and Ozzio Italia's transforming, space-saving furniture. From other parts of Europe we feature solid wood furniture designed in Belgium and handmade in Europe by Ethnicraft, Sweden's Conform responsible for the best reviews on our site about the Timeout Chair. Oggetti presents a worldly collection of designs including the Hanako and Orgo designed and produced in the Phillipines by Vito Selma.

Ask A Question from any product to connect with our furniture experts who provide, friendly, helpful customer service.

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The New P31C Calacatta Paonazzo Ceramic Marble Tabletop from Calligaris.

The New P31C Calacatta Paonazzo Ceramic Marble Tabletop from Calligaris.

The new P31C Calacatta Paonazzo ceramic, like the other ceramic tabletops already in the Calligaris collection, is an exceptional material that offers an extreme durability, resistance to scratches, chemical agents and high temperatures, thus ensuring a long life without wear and tear due to daily use.
January 26, 2024 by Trade Source
New Sofa Designs from Nicoline Italia for 2024.

New Sofa Designs from Nicoline Italia for 2024.

Nicoline Italia skillfully combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technologies, transforming materials into design elements of exceptional quality that enhance both form and functionLet's see what's new from Nicoline Italia in 2024.

December 01, 2023 by Trade Source
New Furniture Designs by Bontempi Casa for 2024

New Furniture Designs by Bontempi Casa for 2024

The Bontempi Casa brand is known for its unique blend of creativity, imagination, and empathy, which are evident in its furniture designs. Bontempi Casa leverages technology, innovative design, and new materials to create collections that cater to diverse tastes and needs. Their style is bold and recognizable, reflecting a deep understanding of their customers' desires​​. Let's see what is new for 2024.
November 15, 2023 by Trade Source