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The Best Sofas and Sectionals with Adjustable Backrests

A popular feature in Europe for several years, a sofa with an adjustable backrest gives you the ability to enjoy a deep lounging sofa when you want it, and a more comfortable sofa to sit on the majority of the time. We've looked at several double sided sofas with entirely moveable backs previously, but that model isn't for everyone. Here we'll look at sofas that have fixed yet moveable backs offering a formal and lounging seating solution. We offer several sofa designs incorporating moveable backs whether you want a small sofa, large sectional, or even a recliner. Here are some of the most popular sofa designs with adjustable seat backs.

Egeo Sofa by Nicoline Italia

The Egeo is easily the most popular version of this concept. It is a remarkably comfortable sofa in either orientation. With the seat back, Egeo presents a deep lounging space perfect for sinking in during a movie and is one of the most comfortable sofas we offer with the seat back in the upright position. Made in Italy and available in a sophisticated set of leathers and fabrics, the Egeo features minimal tufting designed to hold the upholstery nicely in place. 

Egeo Sofa Moving Back Rests


Manzoni Big Sofa by Nicoline Italia

The Manzoni Big Reclining Sofa by Nicoline Italia is a luxurious and comfortable piece of furniture that combines Italian craftsmanship, style, and functionality. The sleek lines, minimalist aesthetic, and sophisticated color options make this sofa a versatile choice that can easily blend into various interior styles. The sofa is generously proportioned, making it ideal for larger living spaces or those who desire ample seating space.

Nicoline Italia is known for using high-quality materials to ensure the longevity and durability of their furniture. The Manzoni Big Reclining Sofa is crafted from premium leather or fabric upholstery options, allowing customers to customize the look and feel of their sofa. The frame is constructed from solid wood and high-quality metal components, ensuring the sofa's stability and support. It is designed with comfort in mind, featuring deep, plush cushioning and adjustable headrests. The sofa's reclining mechanism allows users to easily adjust the backrest and footrest for a personalized lounging experience. The wide seats and ergonomic design provide excellent support and comfort for hours of relaxation.

Manzoni Sofa Nicoline Italia


Landa Sofa by Calligaris

The Landa is stocked in a cognac leather for quick delivery throughout the US. Its seat back offers additional built in cushions that effortlessly slide forward and back. Low, wide armrests articulate as well raising up if you want more arm support or intend it as a headrest while laying down. Like many Italian designs the Landa is as nice to look at as it is a joy to sit on. 

Airon Sofa by Nicoline Italia

Nicoline Italia Airon Sofa

Josie Sofa by Moroni

The Josie Sofa offers a motorized reclining mechanism in addition to the moving backrests. Combined with top-grain leather options and a set of water repellant performance fabrics, these sofas perform well in a typical kids, cats, and dogs type of household. The sofa design appears minimal and tends to hide the reclining mechanism altogether.

Moroni Josie Sofa


 Pacific Fly Sofa by Nicoline Italia

The Pacific Fly has both adjustable seat backs and adjustable armrests. It showcases a modern and elegant design that seamlessly combines style and functionality. Its clean lines, sleek silhouette, and refined details make it an attractive addition to any contemporary living space. The modular nature of the sofa allows for flexibility in configuration, catering to individual preferences and space requirements. 

Berlin Sofa by DellaRobbia

The Berlin sofa is truly s site to behold with even the corner and arms capable of expanding back to create a massive amount of seating space. Large floating back cushions allow even more versatility. A variety of sizes are available depending on your interior. DellaRobbia manufactures their sofas in Southern California with just an 8 week lead time and these sofas are made to last 20+ years!

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February 20, 2022 by Trade Source

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