The Best Double Sided Sofas for Open Interiors

We hear certain furniture questions a lot. One seating solution our customers are always searching for is a sofa with dual sides where the backs are entirely moveable. The versatility of adjustable backrests comes in handy, especially in open spaces. The good news is, we have options! Here are the most versatile double sided couch options with the best reviews from our customers.

The Playground Sofa by Eilersen

Double Sided Couch Playground

The appropriately named Playground Sofa has been our most popular piece since the very beginning, and with good reason. In addition to being remarkably comfortable, it is also in the Quick Ship Program in several fabric options with removable, dry-cleanable covers! We've covered durable sofa fabrics for kids, cats, and dogs previously but removable covers are always a bonus regardless of how durable the fabric is.

Do the backrests really stay in place?

Yes! The trapezoidal backrests are weighted with a friction pad on the bottom holding them in place while seating yet remaining easy to move around. There is a reason the Playground Sofa Reviews are great.

The Bresso Sofa by Nicoline Italia

The Bresso is your best choice if you prefer leather, or a combination of leather and fabric. Nicoline Italia has some incredible leather options to choose from making it the go to choice for leather lovers. The Bresso is available in 6 different sizes plus an ottoman that can be combined to make a sectional sofa.

Double Sides Sofa

The Bresso Air by Nicoline Italia

In addition to the leather options provided with the Bresso, the Bresso Air adds a seat back detail for the design-minded furniture lovers. These seat backs are weighted to stay in place and appear to fold in to the perfect seating position. This is a sofa that is as much a joy to look at as it is comfortable to sit in.

Dual Sides Sofa

The Felix Sofa by DellaRobbia

The Felix isn't a true double sided seating option but remains the go to choice if your prefer the most sturdy seat back. Each seat back has steel supports that slot into a channel the runs along the back and side of the couch making them easily moveable and removable, yet as sturdy as a completely fixed sofa. DellaRobbia offers a stunning collection of upholstery options and manufactures these right here in California!

Felix Sofa Moveable Backrests DellaRobbia

The Filiph Sofa by Italy's Art Nova

Filiph won several design awards and it is easy to see why. The standard Filiph raises just slightly from the floor while the Filiph Air truly appears to float. The collection also boasts an outdoor version available in a variety of durable sofa covers. With so many styles, sizes, and configurations available, we encourage you to download the Filiph Sofa Catalog for some serious interior design inspiration!

Filiph Art Nova

The Lounge Y Sofa by Calligaris

The Lounge Y is the perfect compromise between a traditional sectional and some of the more versatile sofas profiled here. Work with us to select from several configurable pieces to create a perfectly balanced sectional specific to your space and you intended usage. 

Calligaris Loungey Sofa

Ask questions on each product page or get in touch to request fabric samples, lead times, price quotes, or more info we may not have completely covered here.

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