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How to Find the Best Sofa Online - The Long and the Short Of It

Finding the right sofa online can be difficult but there are certain things you can do to make the process of finding the right sofa less stressful. We'll cover a few steps everyone should utilize when sofa shopping online.

Calligaris Sofa

If you're lucky enough to be in the Bay Area of California, you can see what is on Our Showroom Floor because of course there is nothing quite like seeing furniture in person. Several manufacturers offer a dealer locator so you can find the closest option to you. For example, if you are looking at a sofa bed by Innovation Living, try their dealer locator.

DellaRobbia Sofa

Double Check Dimensions - Most product pages will allow you to download configurable pieces of each sofa design. We suggest printing these sheets and taping off your floor in the specified size to help visualize the fit in your space. For example, you can download the Felix Sofa by DellaRobbia.

Sofa Dimensions

Request Samples - Most sofas have fabric options that can be mailed to you. It is nice to touch and feel as much as possible prior to purchase. Request ratings for durability, fastness to light, and resistance to water, plus any cleaning specifications if available. Here is an example of the Eilersen sofa fabric offerings.

Sofa COM Fabrics

Sometimes WYSIWYG but often times the limited number of photos available don't come close to covering the number of options available. Several furniture designers are offer live renderings like the Timeout Chair by Conform. This can be a really helpful way to visualize the finish combinations in a completed design.


Hire an Interior Designer - Don't think it is worth it, trust us it is. They have done this 1000s of times and can save you more time and money than their retainer. Ask the store where you are shopping. We work with designers all over the US and can be a helpful reference if you're looking for someone local or just looking for some tips.

Playground Sofa Austin Texas

Contact our experts at Trade Source Furniture or Ask A Question from any product page for more info.

February 12, 2022 by Trade Source
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