A Design Transformation: Resource Decor Becomes Sonder Living

We've named this space F.O.R.M. with the stated goal of featuring Furniture, Objects, Retail, and Makers.  In some cases, the partnerships we've created are so intertwined that is difficult to differentiate or distinguish one from the next.  We've studied everything from the natural elegance of Oggetti Furniture to Demystifying Furniture Delivery processes.  Here we look closely at one of our longest tenured partners who has recently take on a transformation of sorts.

Resource Decor has recently rebranded as Sonder Living Furniture positioning themselves to grow in three facets of the design community: Hospitality, Trade, and Retail.  Their impressive collection features prominent furniture designers collaborating with master craftsmen in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility providing sophisticated work at scale, often stocked in the US for quick delivery. From Sonder Living...

Sonder derives its name from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, which defines the word as the realization that each passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. That notion struck a chord, echoing the very ethos our furniture brand had inculcated when we first began offering design solutions in 2015. Now, led by the belief that interiors should reflect the individuals that reside within them, Sonder speaks fluently across multiple platforms of business. Comprised of three supporting arms—Sonder Living, Sonder Distribution and Sonder Projects—we aim to take a collaborative approach to the creative process and continue to prove that design firms are anything but linear.

Thomas Bina Furniture

Sonder has become an amalgam of inspired works by furniture makers and designers alike. For renowned designer Thomas Bina, it is the bold and unusual blending of materials in his work that characterize his designs. A Los Angeles native, Bina has the ability to balance classic and contemporary, born from his status as a pioneer and early innovator of sustainable design. His versatile range of pieces reflects a sense of elegant refinement and subtle departure, and he is not alone.

Kelly Hoppen Furniture

Kelly Hoppen MBE’s iconic style features clean lines and neutral tones blended with charming warmth and sumptuous tactile opulence. Kelly believes that texture has the power to add depth and sensuality to a room and she elegantly plays with materials to create designs that are characteristic and reflective of her sophisticated East meets West design philosophy.

Andrew Martin Furniture

Martin Waller’s notorious sense of adventure and desire to explore has been the backbone of the Andrew Martin brand since its inception in 1978. For Waller, design has always been about reflecting different cultures and communicating a passion for the people who made it. The pieces are substantial i the appearance but upon further reflection, they reveal subtle details indicative of thoughtfulness throughout the process. The resulting designs are a kaleidoscope of cultures, eras and stories.

Boyd FurnitureTracey Boyd’s creativity transcends conventional boundaries. These have been some of the most popular designs in our furniture collection and for good reason. She lives and breathes designs exploring new experiences of inspiration, textile and graphic elements to create a refreshing and imaginative aesthetic. Every piece is unpredictably distinctive and individual, presenting a balance between originality and usability. These covetable designs are a celebration of contrasts using a unique juxtaposition of color, texture and form.

Maison 55 Furniture

Maison 55 designs reflect the dynamic evolution of the modern home. Taking cues from European and American mid-century classics, these designs experiment with artistic influences that blend form and functionality. Piquing curiosity and overturning assumption, Maison 55 is about unexpected choices, unique silhouettes and expressing a distinct design point of view.  Add one piece to your home and notice the visual appeal of your space elevated to a new level.

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