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Good Art Should Not Match The Sofa - How To Select Art For Every Room

A top consideration for anyone looking to add character and conversation to their home is:

How do I choose the right art to complement our space?

Style, size and composition are all important factors when selecting the best pieces to accent your home. Get lost in our art collection, or reach out to discuss your project.

Choosing Artwork for the Entryway/Living Room:

Since these are some of the rooms that you and your guests will spend the most time in, choose artwork that sets the tone for your home (examples: warm and cozy, or clean and inviting). One central statement piece can tie in other elements of the room, such as rugs and lighting. Or a gallery wall comprised of several small pieces can help balance large-scale furniture in a space. Have fun decorating with art in these common areas, and select art that gives personality to the space. Maybe you incorporate a conversation piece, or a nod to the city so nice they named it twice.

Choosing Artwork for the Kitchen:

This can be one of the more challenging areas to select artwork, but should not be overlooked. After all, the kitchen is one of the most used rooms of the house. Since cabinets or appliances likely take up the largest space within your kitchen, go for smaller pieces of artwork that are playful and interesting to your whole family. A portrait, still-life or cheerful print can be easy conversation starters during mealtimes.

Choosing Artwork for the Bathroom:

Artwork in a bathroom always helps add warmth to the space. Selecting pieces that complement the aesthetic should be key. For example, if you are decorating a master bathroom, focus on artwork that provides calm and relaxation, such as something monochromatic. If you are decorating for a powder bathroom, go with something more curious or playful like an abstract piece. Artwork in a bathroom looks best in pairs or a trio, especially if the bathroom is without windows.

Choosing Artwork for the Bedroom:

Bedrooms are a key spot in your home for relaxation and peacefulness, and the artwork you choose should emulate that. It’s best to keep the imagery and the frames minimal, and select pieces that have soothing or abstract tones such as landscapes or photography. In this room, consider small artwork hung above the headboard of a bed, or large-scale pieces hung at eye level on an adjacent wall.

Choosing Artwork for the Office:

Finally, adding artwork to a home office is a simple way to individualize your space and keep you motivated while you work. Selected pieces should be thought-provoking and inspiring. This is a great room to incorporate a variety of sizes and styles of artwork, while keeping a unifying element between the pieces. Focus on a similar frame, a continuous color or a theme to all of the artwork you choose.

Luckily, art is an investment in living: if you choose pieces you love and ones that speak to you, you can’t go wrong.  Get lost in our art collection ranging from framed originals to giclee prints available in a variety of sizes and framing option.

January 04, 2020 by Trade Source

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