2019 Eilersen Sofa Introductions

Eilersen is at it again, rolling out new designs in the new year.  Put another way, the best just keep getting better.  Eilersen's unsurpassed construction quality backed by decades of Danish design expertise continues to unveil new surprises with a sophisticated set of in-house upholstery options to match. Let's take a closer look at the newest Eilersen has to offer.

Drop Sofa

The Drop Sectional Sofa is in stock at 133.75" x 94.5" in Gravel 7 Fabric. Removable cover included.

Eilersen Drop Sofa

Drop is Eilersen's latest interpretation of the classic L-shaped corner sofa. The seat is low and wide to ensure optimum comfort; and even though the sofa invites hours of relaxation, extra foam with fibrefill has been added to the seat cushions to ensure that you are able to get up again without any trouble. The low profile, concealed legs create an optical illusion, which makes it appear as though Drop is floating surreally above the living room floor. But don’t worry. As with all other Eilersen models, the sofa has its feet planted firmly in a handmade tradition where aesthetics and practical experience don’t serve to contradict, but are prerequisites. It is therefore nothing less than contemplated proportionality combined with uncompromising choices of material that hold Drop together and ensure the tight look that has become synonymous with Eilersen.

Drop sofa Eilersen

“Drop’s clean lines are precisely coherent with our tradition of discreet quality down to even the smallest of details. The sofa can be combined with a host of veritable modules and upholstery, and the extra wide design provides our customers with the optimal prerequisites for allowing their thoughts to fly around,” says designer Jens Juul Eilersen.

A design is complete not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away. The Drop is a confident and stylish manifestation of stringency. The corner sofa integrates both tight and soft lines in the usual Eilersen manner. The vertical arms provide a contrast to the ultra-soft cushions. This is a combination that helps to ensure the playfully light expression, which is essential for a piece of furniture of this size. In addition, the sofa can be made even softer and more luxurious by purchasing a range of down filled cushions in different sizes.

Slimline Sofa

The Slim-Line Sofa is in stock at 94.5" x 36.25" in Gravel 16 Fabric with brushed stainless steel legs. Removable cover included.

Eilersen Slimline Sofa

It doesn’t exactly float in the air, but almost. Our newly developed Slimline sofa is a variation on the Skagen's theme, distinguished by its lightweight appearance. The perfectly proportioned interaction between the steel frame, seat back, ends and cushions prompt the sofa to defy gravity, maximize comfort, and wow house guests. 

Slimline Sofa Eilersen
Slimline is a classic expression of the values that have characterized the well-known Eilersen brand since the beginning of 1895 when it wasn’t sofas but coaches (see eilersen logo) that bore the signature of the family business. The furniture is, therefore, a manifestation of elegance, durability, and quality. Traditions exist to be renewed, therefore, the renowned design principles live proudly on in a modern sofa, which in all probability could not have been made an ounce lighter than it is.

“The slender body of the sofa takes to the stage with its loose, feather-upholstered cushions on both the seat and back. The cushions have been designed with a flap edge in order to create the optimal amount of contrast, which means that the sofa maintains its inviting and comfortable appearance,” says designer Jens Juul Eilersen.

Although the length of Slimline justifies the term “float”, its lightness and horizontal lines ensure a minimalist expression that fits perfectly with the streamlined look of today. The clinical, clean cut of the sofa appears as a subtle acknowledgment to classical aesthetics, as there is no need for superfluous ornamentation. As with the entire Eilersen sofa collection, a range of in-house upholstery options exist with fabric samples available upon request.

Slope Sofa

Slope Sofa Eilersen

Slope is the name of Eilersen’s contemporary interpretation of the renowned box sofa. The ambition was to create a modular sofa that was so slim it would be almost impossible to manufacture. The symmetry is striking, and Slope fits perfectly in both the classic and modern home.

New Eilersen Slope Sofa

Don’t expect any hidden surprises. With Slope, what you see is what you get: A sofa with tight lines and soft cushions inviting thousands of relaxing moments. This is partly due to the proportions between the seat height, depth and back height being the result of zealous calculations and many years of experience in furniture making. It is also partly due to the fact that all of the materials have been carefully selected to ensure the optimum experience. Not only for those who have received an invitation to sit on the cushions - but also for those who would like to view it as a work of art in the living room, office or entrance hall.

“As usual, nothing has been left to chance. Creating the perfect sofa is a little like building a bridge in fact. Engineering calculations must be precise to the millimetre in order to ensure quality, but a distinct aesthetic expression is only achieved when the proportions and materials are perfectly balanced,” says designer and the third generation of Eilersen, Jens Juul Eilersen.

New Eilersen Slope Sofas

The contrast between the soft, cushioned pillows and the tight horizontal lines gives Slope an unmistakably bohemian expression. This makes it easy to place the sofa in numerous environments. The armrests are sloped slightly but noticeably outwards as an architectural accentuation of the vision for reviving the box sofa. This break in conventions makes Slope even more comfortable to sit and lie on - while at the same time having the stamp of a typical Eilersen design. The firm, comfortable back in foam is an exceptional complement for the soft seat.

Session Sofa

The Session Sofa is in stock at 86.5" x 36" in Desert 7 Fabric with two 20" x 31.5" x 2.75" cushions. Removable cover included.

Session is the latest addition from Eilersen, who has once again created a sofa for the most discerning of audiences. The construction is supported by slim legs made of brushed stainless steel, which achieves the familiar ambition of completing the shape through functionality.

Surprising in its simplicity, Session's sculptural aesthetics come into full being when standing alone. As with all of Eilersen’s sofas, it is designed, produced and assembled to withstand the wear that occurs naturally at a popular place for relaxation and rest.

“With Session, we have created a sofa that is as beautiful to look at as it is comfortable to sit in. The consistency of the construction is an achievement from a design point of view, but the most important thing for me is that the seating comfort is optimal, as well as that it continues to be so,” says designer Jens Juul Eilersen.

New Session Sofa Eilersen
The sofa has a fixed back, and the two loose back cushions can be moved around at pleasure. The seat is Eilersen’s renowned down top, which with its core of foam - and swaddling of down and duck feathers - ensures comfort and lasting resilience over the course of time. As with the entire Eilersen Sofa collection, the Session is a modular piece of furniture that can be upholstered in textile or leather. Therefore, the possibilities for enjoying a sofa with a personal touch are virtually infinite. This means that Eilersen’s customers can choose the color and structure that precisely matches their own preferences and dreams.

Float Sofa

The stocked version of the Float Sofa is available in Tangent 7 Fabric at 102" x 39" with two 21 3/4" x 21 3/4" pillows.

Eilersen Float Sofa Quick Ship

The Float sofa features a low frame, anchoring an interior with a substantial look while complementing a space with a sink in level of comfort.

With the Float and Float High sofas, it is possible to pick the one that is the perfect fit for each customer, but they still get the same look of a soothing and strong lounge sofa.

Combine the sofa any way you like. You can have a classic 2- or 3-seater or you can combine several modules into one long sofa for the entire family.

Inspired? Get in touch to request fabric samples and learn more about the process.

December 27, 2018 by Trade Source

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