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Pricing Shown is 94.5" Sofa in a Gr. 3 fabric. Fabric samples available upon request.

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Slope is the name of Eilersen’s contemporary interpretation of the renowned box sofa. The ambition was to create a modular sofa that was so slim it would be almost impossible to manufacture. The symmetry is striking, and Slope fits perfectly in both the classic and modern home.

Don’t expect any hidden surprises. With Slope, what you see is what you get: A sofa with tight lines and soft cushions inviting thousands of relaxing moments. This is partly due to the proportions between the seat height, depth and back height being the result of zealous calculations and many years of experience in furniture art. It is also partly due to the fact that all of the materials have been carefully selected to ensure the optimum experience. Not only for those who have received an invitation to sit on the cushions - but also for those who would like to view it as a work of art in the living room, office or entrance hall.

“As usual, nothing has been left to chance. Creating the perfect sofa is a little like building a bridge in fact. Engineering calculations must be precise to the millimeter in order to ensure quality, but a distinct aesthetic expression is only achieved when the proportions and materials are perfectly balanced,” says designer and the third generation of Eilersen, Jens Juul Eilersen.

The contrast between the soft, cushioned pillows and the tight horizontal lines gives Slope an unmistakably bohemian expression. This makes it easy to place the sofa in numerous environments. The armrests are sloped slightly but noticeably outwards as an architectural accentuation of the vision for reviving the box sofa. This break in conventions makes Slope even more comfortable to sit and lie on - while at the same time having the stamp of a typical Eilersen design. The firm, comfortable back in foam is an exceptional complement for the soft seat.


Eilersen Slope Sofa Dimensions

Arm height: 23 ½" · Arm width: 2 ¼" · Total depth (frame): 39 ¼" · Seat depth: 19 ¾"/22 ¾" · Seat height: 15 ¾" · Total height (frame): 23 ½"


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