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Eilersen Slimline Sofa Dimensions

It doesn’t exactly float in the air, but almost. Our newly developed Slimline sofa is distinguished by its lightweight appearance. The perfectly proportioned interaction between the steel frame, back, ends and cushions prompt the sofa to defy gravity. 

Slimline is a classic expression for the values that have characterized the well-known Eilersen brand since the beginning of 1895 when it wasn’t sofas but coaches that bore the signature of the family business. The furniture is, therefore, a manifestation of elegance, durability, and quality. Traditions exist to be renewed and it is, therefore, a pleasure for the eyes that the renowned design principles live proudly on in a modern sofa, which in all probability could not have been made any lighter than it is.

“The slender body of the sofa takes to the stage with its loose, feather-upholstered cushions on both the seat and back. The cushions have been designed with a flap edge in order to create the optimal amount of contrast, which means that the sofa maintains its inviting and comfortable appearance,” says designer Jens Juul Eilersen.

Never before has there been such an elegant way to relax. Its lightness and horizontal lines ensure a minimalist expression that fits perfectly with the streamlined look of today. The arms and front apron measure less than 60 mm, and the clinical clean cut of the sofa appears as a subtle acknowledgement to classical aesthetics, as there is no need for superfluous ornamentation.Slimline Sofa Eilersen Dimensions

Arm height: 23 ¼" · Arm width: 1 ½" · Total depth (frame): 35 ½" · Seat depth: 24 ½" · Seat height: 18 ½" · Total height (frame): 26 ½"

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