What Makes Innovation Living the Best Reviewed Sofa Bed Available?

We've looked at the best sofa bed options for your city apartment and the best sleeper sofas for hosting family and friends. But not it is time to take a deeper look at what makes the Danish-Designed Innovation sleeper sofa the best there is!

We'll catalog reference links to specific sofa beds including prices and free delivery options.

Fabric and design can sell a sofa but it is what materials make the sofa that determines comfort: both sitting and sleeping configurations. Not to mention buyers remorse when you can't resell this thing when you're moving out because it has worn away. Ultimately the best furniture purchase is one that lasts and continues to perform in its intended use, but American s move more than ever before, and you want to know that if you do move on the bigger and better things that your purchasing decisions at move in have some sort of resale value later on. Or better yet, has held up well so that it fits in your new place!

It starts inside.  Danish design is known for its minimalism.  You'll find several sofas in the Innovation collection that exhibit the design tradition of the Danish masters.

Minimal space, maximum comfort - Can you achieve both?

A high resilient mattress with a pocket spring core surrounded by two layers of breathable carted cotton on top and one layer underneath. These sofas present a 7" thick sleeping surface in a compact design that often belies the fact these sofa fold flat at all.  Sleeper sofa comfort is a function of how flat the mattress lays down.  We've all spent a night on those super heavy sofas with fold out metal frames that, while they are fun to unveil, often give you the worst night's sleep of you life.  Problem solved.

Innovation Sofa Bed Comfort Reviews

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Have a little more space and want a lot more comfort?  These sofa beds have a 10" Spring which makes it an extra soft and comfortable mattress.

Best Sleeper Sofa Reviews

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You also have the opportunity to add a Memory Foam Mattress Topper to order either at time of delivery or at a later date.  These toppers ship free and fast and give you options on the mattress density depending on your guests sleeping preferences.

Or get the best of both...

The Dual mattress has a 2" mattress pillow sewn into the cover and on top of the spring mattresses seen above, which ensures an extra supportive surface. A high resilient mattress with a pocket spring core surrounded by two layers of breathable carted cotton on top and one layer underneath. It doesn't get more comfortable than that.

Innovation Dual Mattress Topper

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We've focused primarily on comfort as it pertains to the sleeping orientation of these sofas but make no mistake,

Innovation Sofas are crazy comfortable too!

An interesting feature available for most of the Innovation collection is the articulating headrest available in matching fabrics, and of course you can mix and match additional sofa pillow options as well.

Here is your guide to the fabric composition and durability for the 2019 / 2020 Innovation Sofa Collection

Innovation Sofa Fabric Details 

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