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The Playground sofa with movable backrests is stocked in 3 fabric options for quick delivery.  Find fabric images for Nueva, Bubble II, Gravel, Munich, Plindy, Tangent, Herring, Berlin, Munster, and Nature, all available for special order with promotional pricing.

View all of the available Eilersen fabrics here.

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Take a closer look at what comprises an Eilersen sofa with a look "Under the Covers"  What Makes Up an Eilersen Sofa.

Sit, lie down, enjoy - and play with Eilersen's patented back-block sofa. Now offered in four fabric combos in stock for quick delivery, the Playground sofa with movable bolsters is created to satisfy the need for combining sofa and bed. The idea with the Playground is to offer a multi-purpose piece of furniture that is both flexible and mobile. It is also available as a special order in a variety of fabrics.

The Playground comes with a removable, dry-cleanable cover for longevity.  The backrests are easily movable to make a double sided sofa and come with a friction bottom to remain in place when seated.  Combine two Playground sofas with bolsters to form a remarkably versatile sectional L shaped sofa, while doubling as a super comfortable guest bed if necessary. Another interesting Playground sofa configuration is to have two facing each other if your space allows.

The Playground sofa has been remarkably popular in the US and with good reason.  Although primarily a sofa for home, these sofas are versatile enough for start up and commercial spaces, gallery space, and in a staging environment.  Check in for current stock and lead time to your destination.

Download other available Playground Sofa Sizes here.


Eilersen Playground Dimensions

Seat height: 15 ¼" · Back bolster support height: 12 ½"

Learn more about stain removal on the new, super durable fabric groups - Berlin, Munich, and Munster.


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  • Wh as t is your return policy? Are other sizes available for the playground in concrete fabric? Time frame?

    You'll find available Playground sofa sizes here. Special orders are currently approx. 6 months from Europe. Available fabric options can be found HERE on the Eilersen site. Returns are offered at our discretion based on the product you order. Once approved you are asked to return the piece to our California showroom in the original packaging for a return. (June 12, 2022)

  • Looking for the widest and longest option.

    You can download the spec sheet with available Playground sofa sizes. The widest available sofa is 51.25" at 78.75" length.

  • I am interested in the two back seat (82 3/4" x 41 1/4") quantity of 2 needed, in a light to mid tone gray, what is your current availability / stocked items

    The best option would be the Cure fabric with the next two available in 8 weeks. This is a light grey performance fabric. Your next best option would be the Nueva 130 fabric with two also arriving in 8 weeks. There are two Plindy 31 fabric currently in stock however this may be too dark? (June 7, 2022)

  • Hi, quote and dimensions for the Playground Sofa, please. Thanks!

    The Playground Sofa is 82.75" x 45.25" x 15.25" Seat Height. The price quote will be determined by the fabric choice seen HERE on the product page.

  • Couple of questions - Do the backs really REALLY stay put when you lean on them? I need some fabric samples. What is the darkest grey fabric that is stocked? Looks like that Plindy might work.

    Yes, the trapezoidal back rests are weighted with a friction pad on the bottom to help them stay in place while sitting, yet easy to move around as needed. Plindy 31 would be the best option for you. We've sent samples to your home for you to review in person!

  • What. is the differences between the Nueva 106 vs the 130 or the plindy 31? How long does it take for the Nueva 106 to deliver to miami? Do the 130 and 31 still take 8-10 weeks to deliver? What colors or fabrics are available? Is it possible to receive samples? How heavy are the backrests? Is it possible to test the couch to make sure we feel comfortable in it? Also want to understand spill resistance. Finally, in case we don't like this sofa, are there other sofas available with removable backrests?

    The Nueva 106 is currently in stock with a 2-3 week lead time to Miami, (Jan. 13, 2022). Nueva 130 is expected in Early Feb. and Plindy 31 is expected End of March. Several custom fabrics visible on the product page are available with a 14-16 week lead time. Samples are available upon request. You'll find specs for Nueva fabrics and Plindy fabrics here.

    The backrests are weighted but easily movable, maybe 20-25lbs, with a friction pad on the bottom to keep them in place while sitting. These fabrics are considered durable and spill resistant but spills must be removed as quickly as possible. Covers are removable for dry cleaning and easily replaceable.

    We're located in California near San Francisco to see the Playground Sofa in person, but we don't have a location Miami (maybe 2023) for you to test the sofa. We're confident you'll find it comfortable, and the Playground Sofa gets excellent reviews from our customers!

    We'd also recommend the Bresso Sofa by Nicoline Italia, the Filiph Sofa by Art Nova, the Felix Sofa by DellaRobbia, and the Lounge Y Sofa by Calligaris.

  • Hi, I was wondering if you had any of the playground sofa's in stock. As well, assuming a custom order, what lead times would be involved? Thank you!

    Nueva 106 is currently in stock!  Nueva 130  and  Plindy 31  are backordered approx. 8-10 weeks. The incoming invetory is limited but your order would hold incoming stock and the lead time would before confirmed in approx 2 days after purchase! (Dec 20, 2021)

  • Can I order just the covers?

    Yes, please let us know which fabric you prefer and we can send you a quote to review! All of the available Eilersen fabrics can be found HERE.

  • Where can I choose a different size online for the playground sofa. There’s no options section for different size

    Please let us know what size Playground Sofa and which fabric. We can then send you a quote to review!

  • The cure II 06 fabric is it more like a light gray color or is it more like an eggshell/beige color please

    Here are two pics of the Playground Sofa in the new Cure II 06 fabric. It is a durable, light gray fabric.
    Eilersen Playground Sofa CurePlayground Sofa Cure Performance Fabric Eilersen

  • Can I get fabric samples?

    Yes, please provide the samples you would like and your delivery address.

  • We are very interested in this sofa but need to know how comfortable the back cushions are to rest against. Do they move a lot when you lean back on them?

    Very comfortable! The trapezoidal back pieces are weighted and have a friction pad on the bottom so they stay in place when you sit, while being easy to move around. Let us know the delivery zip and you fabric choice and we can provide lead time and delivery details.

  • Do you have any Playground sofas in stock? If not, what's the lead time?

    The next available Playground Sofa is the Nueva 106 in 6-8 weeks. Your order would reserve incoming inventory, of which there are currently 3 left. (8.11.21)

  • I have a question about this product: you sell the Eilersen Playground sofa. Could you also supply the Eilersen Playtower sofa, and if so, what would the price be? Thank you!

    Yes, the Play Tower is available. A price quote has been sent to you to review, including free delivery to your home. With your address we can send fabric samples for you to review.

  • What is the lead time for the Playground Sofa? Do you have any in stock available for shipping now?

    Quick Ship Playground sofas are normally 2-3 weeks to most of the US. All 4 stocked versions are currently backordered (July 20, 2021) with Nueva 106 and Nueva 130 arriving in approx. 12 weeks.

  • Hello, what is the weight for this couch? If there are other sizes available in the US, what is the weight for those? (Seat frame with two back supports). Can I order extra couch covers? Thank you!

    This Playground Sofa weighs approx. 190lbs altogether. You'll find the other sizes available HERE. Extra couch covers are available when custom ordered and can be quoted once the sofa size and upholstery is selected. You'll find the available upholstery options HERE on the Eilersen site.

  • Hi, do you have an outdoor fabric available for the Playground Sofa? Thank you! Bianca

    Eilersen does not have an outdoor fabric in the upholstery options for the Playground Sofa.  We do have a similar sofa from an Italian company called Art Nova that offers outdoor fabrics. The outdoor sofa by Art Nova is called Filiph. Please take a look and let us know if you would like more details.

  • Hello - i'm debating on getting a Playground sofa that is in stock vs. a smaller one. What's the difference between them? I'm looking at the seat frame with 2 back supports 70-3/4 x 37-1/2, seat frame with 2 back supports 78-3/4 x 45-1/4", and seat frame with 2 back supports 82-3/4" x 41-1/4". What is the lead time and price for these smaller version? Thanks!

    With the smaller Playground Sofa versions the differences in addition to the scale of the sofa are the lead time involved and the pricing. Lead times for special orders are generally 12-14 weeks. The stocked versions require 2-3 weeks for delivery depending where you are in the US. Stocked versions also have promotional pricing in the fabric groups seen here on the product page: Nueva, Bakar, Bubble II, Gravel, Plindy, Tangent, Desert, Herring and Nature. When you choose a smaller version, even if it is in these fabric groups, it is considered custom and sometimes the pricing can be more. We can price out a smaller version when you select a fabric group, all of which can be seen HERE on the Eilersen site.
    Currently the Nueva 106 is stocked while the others are on backorder with varying lead times (April 5, 2021). The next available would be Nueva 130 with a 6-8 week lead time currently. Please let us know if you would like more info. Fabric samples are available upon request.

  • Hello - having trouble understanding how to order and specify color / dimension. Is calling the best way to do this? Also, do you give trade discounts? We are in Design Build. Thanks

    Toggle through the upholstery options to your fabric group of choice, then when placed in the cart you can provide fabric selections for the sofa base and pillows. You'll see the first four are quick ship versions with the remaining fabric groups available with a 12-14 week lead time. There are more sizes and fabric options to consider however the 82" x 45" version and the fabric groups shown offer the best pricing. You can download the infosheet for the Playground Sofa HERE, and see all of the available Eilersen fabric options HERE. Trade pricing is available once qualified! You can reply to this note with any specific requests.

  • What are the washing instructions for the cover?

    It will depend on which fabric but generally speaking, dry cleaning is the best method.

  • Hello, I am hoping to sell another playground sofa but not immediately... Can you send me some fabric samples that I can present to client... if this discontinues, we will want to order before it does so, as we are building a home and will possibly fit this piece into the space.

    Please let us know which fabric samples you would like and we will have them sent. The Playground Sofa will remain a part of the Eilersen Collection.

  • Hello - where was this made? Thank you.

    The Playground Sofa is made at Eilersen's facility in Denmark.

  • Hello, I have purchased this playground sofa several years ago. Can you purchase replacement covers separately ? Thank you, Frank C

    Yes, however the process is somewhat involved. We would have to package and ship the existing sofa cover to the factory in Europe to be used as a template. The new cover is shipped directly to you made to fit, and the original cover is discarded. Generally the lead time is 8-12 weeks to return the new cover. Eilersen's entire fabric collection can be seen HERE with pricing made available upon request. Altogether these quotes often equal 50-60% of a new sofa given the need to send the original cover, etc. You may want to seek a quote from a local upholsterer. In this case we can still quote and ship Eilersen's fabric to you anywhere in the US.

  • Hi there -- what color options are 'in-stock'? Ideally, I'd like a gray option to ship asap.

    Currently Nueva 106 and Plindy 31 are stocked for quick ship (Oct. 27th, 2020). Lead time with the fabric of your choice would be 12-14 weeks with up to 10 samples available upon request. Apoloigies for the slight delay in getting back to you! Please let us know if you would like more info.

  • Could I buy several of the back rests separately

    Yes, please select from the fabrics seen HERE on the Eilersen site and we can send you a price quote for the back rests.

  • What is the delivery time on quick ship?

    When in stock the Playground ships within 1 week with 3-7 transit days depending where you live in the US. Home delivery in New York, NJ, Boston, PA, and Washington DC area usually takes 1 week total with the warhouse being in the area.

  • Hi, do you have a sample in a show room in the Bay Area of California? I would love to check it out!

    This Playground Sofa is not currently on our showroom floor (Oct 2020). We can however, deliver to you in the San Francisco Area and accept a return if it doesn't work in your space. Reply here if you would like to consider this option and we can provide a quote with lead time and delivery details. We are located in La Selva Beach between Santa Cruz and Monterey, CA with the complete collection of Eilersen fabrics available to view here. Up to 10 samples can be sent to your home upon request. Take a look at the similar Bresso Sofas too.

  • Can you make this in a soft leather or velvet fabric?

    Yes, you can see all the fabrics and leathers available HERE. Prices will vary depending on the group number for fabrics or group letter for leather. Lead time for special orders is 12-14 weeks. With your delivery address, we can send up to 10 samples for you to review.

  • Hello Dear Ellersen, please you don’t have plans payments

    We are happy to annouce that we now offer Affirm as a payment option. Affirm allows you to select a payment schedule you like best, then confirm. You can prequalify from any product page.

  • I WANT THE bubble ll COLOR 0107 COVER

    You can select the Bubble II fabric group here and put color #107 in the order notes. We'll follow up with a confirmation before going into production. You can also respond to this note and we can send you a quote to review.

  • What are the measurements of the pillows (not the cone shaped back rests) that come with the sofa?

    The Playground Sofa cushions measure 21 3/4" x 25 1/2" x 2 3/4"  Please let us know if you would like more info.

  • Good morning. I would like to order a playground sofa for my home. what is involved in requesting an alternative leg height, to allow for roomba vacuum access?

    Alternative leg heights for the Playground Sofa can be ordered with a 12-14 week lead time. It is priced seperately and we can quote you once the height is specified. The safest bet for Roomba clearance with the stocked models is 2.375". We have had customers either add heavy duty felt pads or fabricate new legs depending on the desired clearance.

  • Do the bolsters move side to side, or front to back? A video showing the features would be a most welcome addition to the page.

    The bolsters rest freely on top of the sofa. They are weighted and have a friction pad on the bottom so that they remain in place while sitting. We will work on a demo video! Please let us know if you would like more info.

  • Greetings.....I am interested in receiving 3 sample fabrics. Nueva 106, 120, and 130 for playground sofa. Assuming that the fabric I like is in stock, what is your delivery time frame for New York zip code 11561 Thank you !

    Once it is at the warehouse, delivery to this part of NY would take 7-10 days to be safe. The delivery company would call you to schedule a day and time once they pick the sofa up.
    Nueva 120 is a custom fabric with a 12 week lead time to the warehouse. Nueva 106 and 130 are part of the Quick Ship program.
    Please reply with your address and we'll get these fabric samples shipped!

  • Where is the playground sofa manufactured?

    The Playground sofa is manufactured in Denmark by Eilersen.

  • Is there a place on your website that describes the features of your different fabrics?

    Find all of the available Eilersen Sofa Fabrics.

  • How soon can it be delivered? We are looking at Nirvana 130 color. Thanks!

    When in stock the Playground Sofa ships within a week of placing your order, and takes 1-2 weeks to arrive depending on your delivery address.  The Nueva 130 fabric is backordered and not expected back in stock until March 2020.  Plindy 31, Nueva 116, and Cotton 16 are in stock and would be ready to ship immediately.  Please let us know if you would like more info.

  • How are the legs attached?

    The black lacquered wood legs bolt on with provided screws.

  • How can I obtain samples of desired fabrics for a client?

    Please reply with your address and we can send fabric samples for you to review.  We can send up to 10 fabric samples if you would like to see more than the 5 stocked options.

  • Can someone tell me the clearance from the floor for the Playground sofa (in inches)? I'm trying to see if my robot vacuum will fit underneath it.

    The wooden legs on the Playground Sofa are just over 3" (3.14" or 80mm) while technically the clearance underneath is considered 2 3/4" to be safe.

  • Do you still have bolster and pillow replacements for Eilersen Playground? If so, which fabrics are available? Thanks

    Yes, the bolster and the accompanying cushion are available to order.  Lead time for special orders is about 12 weeks.  You can see the current fabric collection here.  We can send up to 10 fabric samples upon request.  Please let us know if you would like to review a price quote.  Thanks!

  • We would like to purchase a Playground sofa in Cotton 16 before we move to Spain in June 8. We live in Ann Arbor Michigan. We don't know your location 1) Can you deliver the sofa on time for the moving? 2) Would you let us know the exact cost of the sofa and the delivery cost? 3) What are the color of the 2 soft pillows for the Cotton 16 sofa?

    Yes, it will be close, but we can get it there the week of June 3rd.  It will ship from a warehouse outside Philadelphia in cartons on a pallet, and arrive with outside delivery.

    If you want White Glove delivery, it is available in your area at checkout for $149.

    The Cotton 16 Playground is entirely upholstered in the cotton 16 fabric seen here: base, bolsters, and pillows.

    Please let us know if you would like more info!

  • How much are you asking for your inventory clearance sale. Also, what is the color called and what is the fabric made of that is featured in the photograph?

    You can view the Furniture Sale section here. The Playground Sofa is not a part of the sale unfortunately, but there are several sofas on sale while inventory lasts.  The feature pic shows a special order fabric in the Club collection - you can see all the avaiable sofa fabrics here with up to 10 samples available upon request.

  • Do you offer any discounts, or have any sales coming up?

    It never hurts to ask! Contact us at with your delivery address for more info.

  • How many pieces are in the set?

    The Playground is made up of the sofa base with removable cover, 2 movable bolsters, and 2 soft pillow cushions.

  • I would like 2 bolsters in either Bubble 08 or Bubble 48, as replacements. Is this fabric still available for bolsters? Thank you!

    Yes, Bubble 8 and 48 are current and available.  With your address we can send fabric samples upon request.  Also, would you like the soft cushions or just the bolsters?  Please reply and we can send you a price quote to review.  Please let us know if you'd like any more info.

  • Another question. Is it possible to order replacement non-slip bolster bottoms?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to order just the non-slip bolster bottoms for the Playground sofa.  You can order the movable bolsters themselves and the accompanying soft cushions with price quotes and fabric samples available upon request.

  • We are looking to get replacement bolsters. The material we are interested in is the Bakar 11. Four of them.

    Please email with your delivery address and we'll send you a quote to review.  Many thanks!

  • We need another bolster- can we order one. Nueva 106 for fabric. How much would another one cost? Hannah

    Yes, the bolster itself is priced $599 with the accompanying cushion priced $299 in the Nueva fabric group.  Delivery to your home is included.  Lead time for special orders is about 12 weeks.  Please let us know if you would like to review a price quote.

  • We need to replace some boosters. Is that possible?

    Please let us know how many, in which fabric, and if you’d like the pillow cushions as well. Then with your delivery address, we can send you a quote to review.