New Danish Designed Sofas by Eilersen

Eilersen has added to its already impressive sofa collection with some timeless, danish designs. Each piece is crafted with an intricate attention to detail that pairs modern looks with a classic touch, providing an atmosphere of sophistication and luxury. Luxurious materials and supple cushioning add an elevated level of comfort and style, giving your home a distinctive and sophisticated aesthetic. With options designed to fit any space, Eilersen helps you create an atmosphere of inviting elegance. Let's take a look at the new work available with expert customer service at Trade Source.



Amon is 128 years of innovative approach to craftsmanship and accomplished design condensed in a single sofa. Designed by Jens Juul Eilersen, this exclusive sofa gives you volume and classic lines in an iconic design.

Designed for pure comfort Amon has a superior level of comfort, almost heavenly in fact, named after the Egyptian god Amon. Amon means the hidden one, and just like the Egyptian God who took care of all the Egyptians’ well-being, the Amon sofa puts comfort and well-being first. It's about a feeling that you can't see with the naked eye.

Amon offers a unique combination of timeless style and modern comfort. Its combination of supportive cushioning and contoured lines provide the ultimate seating experience, supporting and caressing your body.

Aton Mini

Eilersen Aton Mini Loveseat Sofa

Aton is a modern sofa that stands out with its soft design. Aton is now launching a mini version of its big brother, still with the same soft comfort and well-proportioned design that Eilersen is known for.

A sense of grandeur in a smaller space.

There's a special aura surrounding Aton – just like the Egyptian sun god from which the sofa takes its name. And the comfort is divine. The sofa was designed by Jens Juul Eilersen, who wanted to create a soft, round sofa with a modern, yet classic look. He is behind many of Eilersen's designs, using classic measurements whenever possible to add character to the finished piece of furniture.

Aton Mini is the perfect size to fit most rooms and styles, making it a great addition to any living space. Its inviting shape and materials allow for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Plus, Aton Mini is made with the same quality and craftsmanship you'd expect from Eilersen.

Luce Sofa

Luce Sofa Eilersen

Luce is a classic sofa with simple lines and a Scandinavian look. The sofa visibly carries Eilersen’s DNA in its elegant design, which combines comfort with exceptional quality.

Eilersen is known for its high quality and comfort. With Luce, the focus is on simplicity as well as what is at the heart of a good sofa. Luce's high seating comfort and lounge feel almost invite you to curl up on the sofa with a good book.

Luce is organically rounded with fiberfill and a polyurethane foam seat enveloped in 600g fiberfill, while all back cushions are filled with 100% down and duck feathers. The combination of design elements ensures that Luce offers a superior level of quality and comfort that is sure to last. Its elegant appearance and comfort make it a sofa you can enjoy for years to come.


Eilersen Funen Sofa

Funen – The lounge chair becomes a sofa.

In 2020, Eilersen poured 128 years of furniture-making experience into crafting the Funen lounge chair. The chair has now been joined by a sofa. Funen is named after the Danish island on which Eilersen is based. The Funen sofa comprises a molded back, the design of which echoes the distinctive curvature of the horse-drawn carriage.

A sofa and a chair for life Funen draws you in with its sensuous, laid-back lines. You feel immediately at home in this furniture from the moment you sit down. Both sofa and chair are a beautiful addition to your home for life and are available in two variants: a low and a high back version, at heights of 73 cm and 89 cm, respectively.

These back heights work well in multiple contexts. The low sofa invites you to relax and enjoy long conversations in comfortable surroundings. You can put two or more together. The long backrest and comfortable neck cushion dominate the high-back sofa, making it ideal for quiet contemplation, relaxing, and reading alone – or for cozy tête-à-têtes.

Funen is designed for Quality and Comfort - a timeless piece of furniture crafted with carefully selected materials for absolute comfort. The low-maintenance textiles are designed to stay soft to the touch and keep looking beautiful for many years.

Shu Sofa

Eilersen Shu Sofa

With its elegant lines and distinctive armrests, Shu is a sofa with a no-nonsense attitude. Designed by Jens Juul Eilersen, this striking sofa offers superior comfort.

Smart & practical.

The sofa's sharp exterior lines, wide arms, and elegant back blend seamlessly from one to the other. The wide square armrests give Shu a masculine look, while the soft arm and back cushions ensure optimal comfort. Shu is also as practical as it is stylish, with sturdy oak legs, a strong frame, and durable seat springs. It's a piece of furniture that will last you for years. The upholstery is made from fabrics of high quality, in a range of colors that will fit perfectly in any home. Shu is the ideal sofa for anyone looking for timeless, luxurious design.

Trenton Sofa


Sharp lines, robust frame, and sophisticated styling make Trenton a sofa with enviable appeal. Jens Juul Eilersen designed this striking piece to offer superior comfort with wide arms, substantial armrests, and plush back cushions. Durability is assured by its strong oak legs and hardwearing seat springs, while its high-quality upholstery comes in an array of tasteful hues to fit any home. Trenton is the perfect choice for those who seek lasting, luxurious design.

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July 17, 2023 by Trade Source

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