New Calligaris Chairs and Tabletop Finishes

Calligaris is celebrating their 100 year anniversary with some new pieces put the Italian spirit of design on full display.

Calligaris Breeze Table

A century of epic changes, technological and cultural revolutions, and massive transformations in how people live and think. But this is also a tale of loyalty to the values that go beyond time, continuity in growth, the ability to combine tradition and innovation, and the Italian spirit as a protagonist in the world. A tale of people who, day after day, contribute to the success of a company and, above all, a way of imagining, creating, and experiencing the home.

It was 1923 when Antonio Calligaris opened a small workshop in Manzano, Friuli. In this area, woodworking dates back to the eighteenth century and found its most iconic expression in the hand-made Marocca chair.

This was the beginning of a journey that, over a century, crossing epic changes in technology, design, and lifestyles, led Calligaris to become a global leader in home furnishings.

Between the 1950s and 1970s, with the Calligaris family still at the helm, the Company expanded and transformed into a modern industrial one without losing the ingenuity and attention to detail originating from its artisan birth nor the link with the warmest and most natural raw material: wood.

The 1980-90 decade was the period of most remarkable growth for the Friuli "chair district" and Calligaris played the protagonist role in the worldwide success of Made In Italy products. This allowed the Company to open its first branch in the USA in 1998. The collections expanded, becoming a complete home furnishing project: from the living area to the bedrooms.

The new millennium led to Calligaris’s new adventure, confirming its international appeal and entrepreneurial skills as always, thanks to the implementation of a new branding and communication strategy that included opening its flagship stores in Milan, Paris, London, Munich, and Los Angeles.

What seemed unthinkable 100 years ago is now an everyday truth for a company that has never stopped believing in its dream and for all those who have contributed to making it come true, just as it is so for those who have made it part of their homes and lives: and the Calligaris story continues heading into tomorrow.

Adel Chairs Calligaris

Summing up 100 years of wood and chair culture in a design that can express its timeless values and emotions: this approach gave life to Adèl, the new collection of chairs that sums up the charm of the past and present, celebrating Calligaris' historical journey in the year of its 100th anniversary.

Adèl’s minimalism reveals the search for proportions, the care for details, and the sense of harmony that has always characterized Calligaris as an aspect well visible through the history of this Italian Company, together with the raw material of excellence: solid wood.

A single base with pleasantly rounded shapes and a comfortable upholstered seat combined with a variety of backrests and materials fabrics, leather, or Vienna straw weave gives life to a family of enveloping and welcoming chairs, in tune with every residential and public space.

The special model with woven straw backrest and fabric upholstered seat pays homage in a contemporary key to the Marocca chair: the timeless hand-made chair that started Calligaris' adventure in the world of furniture back in 1923, a path that continues between the past and future.

Calligaris Orbital Table

Calligaris crossed the finish line of a century of technological and stylistic evolution by continuing its collaboration with one of the world's most famous designers: Pininfarina. In 2011, this collaboration gave life to the Orbital extendable table that became an icon of contemporary design, a unique summary of cutting-edge technology and beauty that knows how to go beyond the trends.

The new Orbital table, created by Pininfarina to celebrate Calligaris’ 100th anniversary, pushed the passion for innovation, harmony, and beauty even further, joining the strengths of the two historical Italian Companies to create a project that – inspired by the innovative extension mechanism of the original design – makes the elliptical shape of the glass or ceramic top even more harmonious, combining it with a new base, modernized without losing its winning aesthetics and functional features.

The new base can be customized with covers in various finishes and textures to match any interior environment style: from the elegant reflections in bronze to the refined elegance of matte black, the prestige of leather, and the warmth of wood.

With its fluid design, Orbital is a masterpiece and an expression of ingenuity, technological research, a refined choice of materials, and typical Italian harmony, capable of conveying everlasting emotions and values.

Calligaris Seashell Table

Seashell is a combination of inspiration and functionality, of lightness and resistance, a table of great expressiveness. New annealed glass tops enhance even more the soft and sinuous lines of the base, which draws inspiration from the organic shapes present in nature and in particular from that of the shell, giving an iridescent effect that recalls the surface of the water moved by the wind.

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June 26, 2023 by Trade Source

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