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Eilersen on a Mission - A Furniture Design Collabo Between Denmark and Japan

Eilersen has been on a new mission to Japan. The trip resulted in a collaborative sofa, which is both Danish and international, while remaining rooted in the famous Japanese simplicity.  Eilersen launched its Danish-Japanese sofa, Mission, at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and subsequently through selected dealers throughout Scandinavia, Europe, Japan and the United States with the added benefit of the US stocking program available through Trade Source, with 2-3 week delivery in the US in selected fabric.

Mission Sofa by Eilersen Trade SourceWe've already looked Under the Covers at what makes Eilersen's construction techniques masterful.  Here we take a closer look at the design process itself.  Its name is Mission, and the couch is a slightly lighter version of Eilersen's well-known sofas. The Mission is designed to underpin and cultivate the Japanese tradition of simplicity and harmony, in which the lines do not interfere with the design but rather enhance its function. With its stringent body, slender legs and eye for detail, the Mission positively floats and promotes itself as the perfect sofa for a simple interior design.

Eilersen Quick Ship Mission Sofa

Reinterpretation of a Classic London Sofa Design

The Mission is a modern interpretation of the classic London sofa, with upholstered sides of the same height as the back. The sofa's slim body makes it easy to place - especially in urban homes where space is limited.  Loose back and seat cushions ensure optimum comfort, whether a person is sitting, lying or conversing on the sofa. The Mission's styling affords a host of upholstery options; e.g. smooth or coarsely woven textiles in either classic or modern colors allows a personal touch.

Eilersen Mission Sofa

Japanese inspiration meets Danish ideas and know-how

Mr. Yuzuru Nishiyama is a well-known person on the Japanese furniture design scene, and contributed the details, lines and styling, while Eilersen used their design and expertise in furniture production to make the vision a reality. Together they have created a fruitful partnership, gained invaluable insight into each other's traditions and, not least, created a common signature now available in the US.  As with all of the Eilersen quick ship sofa collection, you can choose from several stunning in house fabric selections with a 12 to 14 week delivery time to the US.

Mission Sofa Eilersen Quick Ship

Since the 1800s, Danish and Japanese design have embraced, and been inspired by, each other's traditions and heritage. Figurative elements from Japanese nature have been reinterpreted and painted onto Danish porcelain, but Denmark's approach to functionality and clean lines also comes from Japan. And now the time has come to launch Mission as company Eilersen offering in 2018.

February 18, 2018 by Trade Source