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Brand Eilersen
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The stocked version of the Tub Sofa is available in Plindy 16 Fabric at 94.5" x 37". Find fabric images for Nueva, Cure II, Bubble II, Gravel, Munich, Plindy, Tangent, Herring, Berlin, Munster, and Nature, all available for special order with promotional pricing.

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The Tub is the coolest and softest sofa yet in the Eilersen universe of floaters. And the contrast between the slim, tight outer shell and the interior heaven of foam and down creates dynamism in the language of form.

Tub Sofa Dimensions Eilersen

Arm height: 23" · Arm width: 2 ¾" · Arm cushion width: 7 ½" · Total depth (frame): 37" / 41" · Seat depth: 26 ¾" / 30 ¾" · Seat height: 15 ¾" · Total height (frame): 23"

Learn more about stain removal on the new, super durable fabric groups - Berlin, Munich, and Munster.


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  • What colors does this sofa come in?

    You can choose from any fabric in the Eilersen collection.  View the available fabrics here.  With your address we can send up to 10 fabric samples upon request.