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Ra Sofa


Brand Eilersen
SKU: 1024B240089
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The stocked version of the Ra Sofa is available in Gravel 7 Fabric at 94.5" x 37". Several configurations available to special order.  Inquire for price quotes with delivery included.

With the launch of the brand-new Ra sofa, Eilersen has added a sofa with an international touch to its collection.

Ra is an elegant sofa, which is comfortable to sit in. It is perfect for having guests over, as it is not too deep nor too low. It is also a sofa that will be modern for a long time, as it is tastefully designed.  It is not designed after a current trend that one could tire of after a few years.

“Ra is not a lounge sofa, it is a sofa that is well-mannered. It has an international feel to it and has a lovely arm that encases the sofa – not too thick and not too thin, but just right for many years to come,” explains Designer Jens Juul Eilersen.

You can select for several configurations to design the perfect sofa to fit your space, with several custom construction details available to confirm along the way. The legs are slim steel, which almost makes the sofa seem to be floating effortlessly on top. A special detail is the armrest. It has a narrow top but then it becomes wider and wider. It is the perfect support.

“The Ra sofa just came to me, I was not inspired by anything, in particular, the idea was just there. A special detail that I focused on was the armrest, it is 8 cm wide at the top and then as it makes it way down it becomes more powerful and sturdy,” says Designer Jens Juul Eilersen.

The pillows have a soft 100% down filling, which is a classic Eilersen trademark.

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Arm height: 26 ¾"· Arm width: 3 ¼"· Total depth (frame): 35" · Total height (frame): 26 ¾"· Seat depth: 22" / 30"· Seat height: 17 ¼"


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