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The stocked version of the 86.5" Mission Sofa is available in Herring 6 Fabric. Find fabric images for Nueva, Cure II, Bubble II, Gravel, Munich, Plindy, Tangent, Herring, Berlin, Munster, and Nature, all available for special order with promotional pricing.

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Eilersen Mission Sofa Dimensions

One of the newest additions to the Eilersen collection, the Mission presents a masterfully constructed, sophisticated design available either COM or in your choice of Eilersen upholstery options.  The removable cover is a popular feature that allows you to easily remove and replace for dry cleaning purposes to keep your sofa looking brand new for years to come.

Take a closer look at what comprises an Eilersen sofa with a look "Under the Covers"  What Makes Up an Eilersen Sofa.

Eilersen Mission Sofa Dimensions

Arm height: 26" · Arm width: 2 ¼" · Total depth (frame): 35 ½" · Seat depth: 21 ¼" · Seat height: 16 ½" · Total height (frame): 26"

Learn more about stain removal on the new, super durable fabric groups - Berlin, Munich, and Munster.


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  • Can you send me a sample of the Herring 6 fabric for the Eilersen Mission Sofa?

    Yes, your fabric sample has been sent!

  • How do you remove the upholstrey to clean? Is there a you tube video or such?

    We don't have a youtube video to share but removing is very straightforward. The cover is applied with heavy duty velcro around the perimeter on the underside of the sofa.

  • What are the seat and back cushions of the Eilersen Mission sofa made of (e.g. down, foam wrapped down, just foam). Does it have a soft or firm sit?

    The best and most informative look at what makes up an Eilersen sofa can be seen HERE. The Mission is super comfortable! It is designed to have a soft place to sit while being firm enough maintain its shape and appearance. Take a look at this image and follow up on the link provided then let us know if you would like more info!