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Brand Eilersen
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Pricing shown is a Group 1 fabric with back cushions as shown. Several configurations available to special order.

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Float High is a wrinkle of the popular Float sofa design. Unlike the Float sofa with its low frame, the Float High is carried by slender steel legs, which elevates it gracefully from the floor giving it a lighter, more airy appearance in your space.

With the Float and Float High sofas, it is possible to pick the one that is the perfect fit for each customer, but they still get the same look of a soothing and strong lounge sofa. The added height, that is gained with Float High, offers a lounge sofa that is not too low.

“Float High is in all its simplicity a more light and graceful version of the Float sofa. This way we can offer the best of both worlds so that there is something for everyone with these two sofas,” says Designer Jens Juul Eilersen.

Combine the sofa any way you like. You can have a classic 2- or 3-seater or you can combine several modules into one long sofa for the entire family.

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With an elegant aesthetic and carefully balanced proportions, the Float High floats gracefully above the floor.  The decorative details of the moveable cushions combined with the softness from the down filling are what makes this to a lounge sofa in its purest form.

Float High Sofa Dimensions Eilersen

Arm height: 23.25" · Arm width: 3 - 5.5" · Total depth (frame): 39.5" · Seat height: 16.5" · Total height (frame): 23.25"

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  • Can this be ordered in the plindly 0020 fabric? If so, what is the lead time?

    Yes, and the Plindy 20 is a Gr. 3 fabric so the pricing is the same as shown. Lead time is 12 weeks + 1-2 weeks for delivery depending where in the US you live. White Glove Delivery will be included. With custom orders we request a 50% deposit to get started with the remaining balance collected upon arrival at the warehouse.