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Cocoon Sofa

$7,199.00 USD

Brand Eilersen
SKU: 38LOY280106
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The Cocoon sofa is offered in select fabric categories with promotional pricing at 110" x 41.75" in Nueva, Bakar, Bubble II, Gravel, Plindy, Tangent, Dessert, Herring, and Nature fabrics.  Includes: Back Roll, Triangle Lumbar Cushion with Down Roll, two Triangle Lumbar Cushions, 25" Sq. Pillow, two 22x25" Pillows, 19.5" Decor Pillow, and 23.5" Decor Pillow.

Cocoon is inspired by the pupa stage of the silkworm. You can go into a cocoon of cushions with 100% individual and flexible levels of comfort.

Individualism and diversity have been demanded for many years. Some people want to float. Others want to sit. A sofa is often either-or, but not Cocoon. Here is a cornucopia of both worlds. In your safe and solid cocoon frame, you have a gigantic toy box with triangular cushions, lumbar bolsters, main cushions, armrests, neck bolsters - in fact, cushions of all sizes and shapes. This method allows you to determine the degree of comfort yourself, and at the same time be able to have great fun building and being in the sofa.

Cocoon supports you all the way around. Primarily with its high back, but also the seats, which feature Eilersen's renowned down top, giving both firmness and softness at the same time. Here's a little recommendation for you when you design your Cocoon: buy cushions and elements in different fabric design when you choose your sofa's style. That will give you a truly unique cocoon

Fabric samples available upon request.

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Cocoon Sofa dimensions side  Cocoon Sofa Dimensions

Arm height (frame): 28 ¾" · Arm width: 2 ¾" · Total depth (frame): 41 ¾" · Seat depth: 22 ¾" · Seat height: 14 ¼" · Total height (frame): 28 ¾" Also available with low arm and back (height 24 ¾")


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