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Your furniture shopping experience is often a function of trade offs: You like the look but you don't find it comfortable (or vice versa) or you've found the perfect combination of style and comfort... but don't have the time.  Some people do their research way in advance, visit showrooms to test and discuss product, and make their decision well in advance to meet the variable lead times for designer furniture that may take 4months or more!

Allow us a guess... This is not you.

We have plenty of options for the organized approach where time is not an issue.  Maybe more importantly, we also have incredible options if you need to move quickly, even if you are not willing some off the other factors involved in your search.  If you are in the market for a remarkably comfortable leather sofa or sectional, the Moroni furniture collection is a must see.  Options as shown are in stock in the US for delivery within 3 weeks no matter where you live in the US.  As always, free delivery is included with your purchase and better yet, White Glove Delivery is included if you live in the Golden State.  Let's take a closer look at some of your options starting at the top:

The Orson Sofa

Orson Leather Sofa Moroni at Trade Source Furniture

The Orson sofa is stocked in a rich grey leather with a matching chair option.  As with the entire Moroni line, you can choose from a variety of leather colors available in a 12+ week lead time.  The Orson has an understated classic look with padded comfort and sophisticated seams that add an interesting detail.

The Tobia

White Leather Sofa at Trade Source Furniture

The Tobia is a no frills, super comfortable, white leather sofa and chair at a small scale capable of quickly lightening up a room.  Brushed metal legs give the Tobia a lift seamlessly fitting into most interior spaces.  A white sofa provides a blank canvas where you can complement your space and remain versatile as the seasons change.

Le Mans Sofa

Le Mans Leather Motion Sectional

The Le Mans Sectional with motorized motion recliners seams too sophisticated to be a recliner sofa.  Tailored with tight top grain leather and substantial arm, the Le Mans provides ample space to either gather the family or relax on your own but most of all, remains a beautiful looking complement to your space when not in use.

The Kerman Sofa

Kerman Leather Gray Sofa at Trade Source Furniture

The Kerman sofa and matching chair matches a tapered arm with a perfect ergonomic seat and back in a light grey leather with black metal legs.  This sofa is stocked in an easy to maintain top grain leather that looks better and better as it ages.  Provided at the perfect scale for modern spaces.

Shop the entire collection here at Trade Source, request leather samples to confirm your decision, and prepare to have the process move swiftly, the way the furniture shopping process should be.

April 27, 2017 by Trade Source
Tags: Furniture

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