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A Modern, Moving, Modular, Wall

We look to Europe for clever, space-saving furniture solutions as urban spaces in the US feel the square footage crunch.  Often times, even if you have more than enough living space, there is a propensity to grow your collection be it with a growing family or worldy objects.  A stylish living room can be considered a function of organization in this case.  Where do you place said objects leading up to your guests arrival?  Why do you still own DVDs?  How did I accumulate so many magazines?  All natural questions for which we look to the wall for answers.

Modern TV Stand

With our modular, wall mounted, and minimal entertainment center designs, you can maximize your storage space, minimize your clutter and still mount the 85" flat screen of your dreams.  Yes, although more modest size televisions are portrayed in the stock photography shown here, we often design these storage systems around TVs that technically you should be in your backyard while viewing at the recommended distance.

Modern TV Storage Furniture

So how does it work?

It starts with some basic measurements: your wall space, components you wish to include like your TV, objects, books, etc, and fixed wall features like vents or light switches.  Once we have the basics we can begin to design a storage furniture system that fits your space and your needs.  Often times our customers start with a fully configured system shown and either edit or mix and match with other system components.  Generally speaking, units come in depths of 20" (lower cabinets) and 13.5" (upper cabinets) and in a variety of finishes. Most units open with a hidden push/pull mechanism although specific options will be confirmed as we hone in on a system design.  With just this set of info, we can provide a rendering for you to review at no cost.

And voila!

Modern Home Entertainment Furniture System

That is truly all there is to it.  These systems can add a ton of necessary storage space to your living room while remaining beautiful to look at.  Reach out to get started.  While these systems require approximately 16 weeks to arrive in the US, your delivery to your home is include at no extra cost, and systems are entirely modular meaning they can be moved and re-installed should you move to a new home.

April 15, 2017 by Trade Source
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