New to the Eilersen Sofa Collection

  We look forward every year to the new additions to the Eilersen sofa collection as each year the refinements and new wrinkles added are fascinating from a design perspective.  Often times what is introduced as new is merely cyclical to a previous version that has spent some time off trend.  In other cases a concept is expanded to capture more of its potential.

  With the latter we find the Block sofa, appropriately named for its modularity.  Each piece of this sofa, including the arms, comes in a variety of sizes to custom create a large sectional which can be broken into its constituent parts to create smaller sofas.

Eilersen Block Sofa

The Box sofa is an instant classic.

  Of the many variables that make up the decision to purchase a sofa, we find one often stands out with strong opinions either for or against, and that is the base of the sofa.  If you are the type that prefers the apron of the sofa to meet the floor, this Box sofa is for you. While hovering slightly off the floor, this model provides a substantial look to the sofa figuratively anchoring it in a room.

Eilersen Box Sofa

  The other option is a lighter, floating look with brushed steel legs giving the piece a loftier feel while maintaining the same comfort level and sofa construction.  For those of you who prefer the lighter look, we introduce the High Box sofa.

Eilersen High Box Sofa

  While the Box sofa features a narrow arm at the same height as the back, the Odense sofa presents a more substantial, lower arm that seems to imply a higher level of relaxation.  While constructed at a perfect scale where maximum comfort meets overall footprint in an interior, the Odense sofa presents a compelling compromise of variables.  Another in the set of conditions to decide upon when ordering, the seat comfort is often at the top of the list.  If you prioritize comfort, and don't mind the occasional upkeep that comes with it, the raised seat back and seat cushions are for you.

Odense Sofa Eilersen

  And finally, we feature the new Butterfly Sofa with yet another distinct construction quality that often times may go unnoticed.  The Butterfly showcases a knife edge pillow construction as opposed to the flat box edge seen on several other models, for a more airy and feminine appearance.  While commonly seen in the tailored upholstery of the seat back cushion, and therefore seen only from the side, the Butterfly adds oversized arm cushions with the knife edge seen prominently from any angle.  The oversized seat cushions provide that sink in comfort with a thinner frame counter balances the design.  This is a sofa that looks comfortable while not comprising its visual appeal.

Butterfly Sofa Eilersen

  Shop several from the Eilersen sofa collection here and visit the Eilersen site directly for more looks at these new additions.  Contact us directly for more info on ordering in the US, available Quick Ship options, and fabric samples.

June 28, 2017 by Trade Source
Tags: Furniture