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The Master Class of Italy's Cierre Imbottiti Leather Sofas

Cierre prides itself on its impeccable ability to blend craftsmanship and design perfectly, giving each piece of furniture a unique, one-of-a-kind look and feel. High attention to detail, yet an ease in the production lineup is Cierre’s motto, and every product created showcases just that.

The best part about designing an interior space through Cierre is that every furnishing choice made expresses the buyer’s specific sense of creativity, embellishing a home’s interior with a soft addition to any gathering room. The most overlooked rooms will absolutely go from dull to exquisite in the blink of an eye due to a single sofa purchase.

Cierre Italian Sofas

Shop the Cierre Imbottiti collection and choose from six completely different designs to suit your living room or sitting area needs. Guests will immediately compliment your new piece upon arrival, and you’ll have to resist the urge to constantly be in its presence.

It only helps that each generation of the Cierre family gave all of their time and effort to make such a fantasy become a reality. Their dynamic has truly shaped interior design for the better.

After all, who wouldn’t want a European family business providing “Made in Italy” designs for all to purchase and appreciate?

Divine Sofa by Cierre Imbottiti

Cierre Divine Sofa

The Devine sofa brings an entirely new definition of the term customizable to the table. This lightweight metal structure and wooden frame grants the sofa the ability to move forward or backward in depth. Two comfort positions are possible with the internal expansion mechanism, allowing guests the choice between sitting up straight for improved posture or lounging back for extra relaxation. Armrests have a similar internal expansion mechanism to adjust accordingly to achieve maximum comfort.

Elon Reclining Sofa by Cierre Imbottiti

Cierre Reclining Elon Sofa

The Elon reclining sofa showcases delicate upholstery, varnished wood, and elegant feet, targeting every area of interior design in one super sophisticated piece of furniture. Warm, soft, and comfy are just descriptive words, but this unique sofa gives them impeccable justice. Trigger the remote-controlled reclining mechanism to lay back or kick those feet up after a long day of working; no matter what the case may be, this reclining sofa will provide ample relaxation.


Zephiro Sofa Bed with Storage by Cierre Imbottiti

Cierre Zephiro Sofa Bed

The Zephiro sofa bed with storage is the perfect addition to any living room or bedroom with limited space. it starts on the smaller side adding many complimentary features to its surroundings and scales up to a 118" Sofa with storage chaise. House last-minute guests, store extra pillows and blankets, or curl up and get comfy. For the size that it is, the Zephiro knows exactly how to make a statement wherever it's placed.

Up-Down Sofa by Cierre Imbottiti

Cierre Up-Down Sofa

The Up-Down sofa gives the average homeowner a chance to go above and beyond today's modern design trends. The new alternating rhythm backing this unique piece of furniture grants users the ability to adjust the cushions, leaving them straight for a supported back, curved for a relaxed fit, or completely uniform with the seat cushions for a spacious laid out seating area. Playing with styles on a sofa has never been more fun!

Frank Reclining Sofa by Cierre Imbottiti

The Frank Reclining sofa enhances comfort naturally with its super minimal yet extra elegant design. Relaxation has never been easier with this inherent remote-control reclining mechanism for both the backrest and footrest, allowing any user the opportunity to get comfortable in whatever position that's suitable. The current styled metal legs with a matte finish only add to the contemporary aesthetic that's pouring out of this one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, created to please any and everyone.

Season Modular Sofa by Cierre Imbottiti

The Season Modular sofa is a leading furniture item in the interior design world today; so much so that its purity and elegance draw people in with curiosity. The oddly different yet perfectly fabricated creation geometrically allows users to adjust several areas of the sofa. Increase the seat depth with one fluid motion to maximize comfort level and push back into the cushion to give your body the relaxation it needs. At-fill, pinched seams all around are just the finishing touches that make this item irresistible.

April 24, 2021 by Trade Source

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