Concrete Terrace Coffee Table


SKU: P501992011
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Handmade lightweight concrete Nylon glides

Dimensions: 57" Width x 35.5" Deep x 18.5" High

The lightweight concrete used in Seasonal Living collections is made entirely from natural materials. The primary ingredient is Portland cement, which is a powder made from limestone and gypsum. It is combined with clean, natural sands as an aggregate material. When Portland cement is mixed with clean water, it forms a paste that coats each particle of sand. Through a chemical reaction, hydration, the paste hardens and becomes stronger.

Many types of concrete add steel, synthetic, or glass fibers to increase strength and resist fracturing. Seasonal Living lightweight concrete includes only natural ramie as a reinforcement material. A member of the nettle family, ramie has been cultivated for fiber since prehistoric times. Ramie fabric was used in ancient Egypt and in Europe during the Middle Ages. Because of its strength and durability, ramie is used in industrial sewing threads, packing materials, fishing nets, filter cloths, and fabric.

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  • can you tell me the lead time on this table? And if it is weather resistant - heat and cold

    Yes, these tables hold up well with heat and cold however high quality, breathable covers are always recommended. More info can be found HERE. The current lead time for this table is October 2021.

  • What is the real delivery time on this table SKU P501992011

    The slate grey Terrace table will be ready to ship at the end of July. The white version is in stock and ready to ship.

  • What is estimated delivery date for the gray table to zip code 60093?

    There are 2 currently available set to arrive in TX at the end of July 2021. Transit time to Chicago would be approx. 7-10 days. You'll see the white glove delivery option (recommended) at checkout. We have a great delivery team in Arlington Heights. Please let us know if you would like more info!

    Ivory White is in stock and ready to ship (May 27, 2021)