Nicoline Bresso Air Sofa


Brand Nicoline
SKU: B017-3203-2000
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See available leather options from Nicoline Italia.

Cat G. fabrics can be found here: MILANO and FLORENCE.

Cat D. fabrics in showroom only. Inquire about options.

Inquire about custom configurations and sizes.

Leather Categories from Nicoline Italia:

Download the available configurations here.

  • Frame: wooden structure, seat suspensions in reinforced elastic webbing.
  • Padding in eco-friendly open cell polyurethane foam, with different densities, covered with a mixed feather layer.
  • Covering in leather or fabric. Not removable coverings.
  • Independent, freely movable back cushions, equipped with an internal metal structure.
  • Metal legs in Gunmetal (Cod.50).

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    • Hi Intereset in Nicoline Bresso Air line. Wondering how the seatbacks work. a. Do they stay in place reliably? b. Is their angle adjustable at all?

      The seatbacks are entirely seperate from the sofa and can be moved independently, but the angle cannot be adjusted. They do stay in place nicely with a weighted bottom.

    • Hello, Is there anywhere to view category D fabrics and colors online yet? If not, how do I see them; (I am in Boston)? What are they made of, how many are there? I'd like to make a final sofa choice but cannot without this information. Thank you for any information that you can provide!

      Cat. D fabrics are not viewable online yet but we can certainly send pics. There are 5 categories of fabrics in Cat. D. Do you have a color range in mind? First we send a represenation of each category so you can see the composition, then we can send a range of colors in the selected category. We can then send up to 5 fabric samples to you!

    • How do the backrests grip the sofa? Is there a chance of it sliping when someone is leaning back?

      There is a metal plate sewn into the bottom of each backrest giving them enough weight to keep them in place while sitting. At the smae time they are easy to move around. Please let us know if you would like more info!

    • Can an extra back rest be purchased, and how much does one cost? Can the backrests be a different shade from the sofa? How much do sample swatches cost? When do the new fabrics come out and are they the same price? Thank you for any information you can provide. Have a good weekend.

      Cat. D is the new fabric so the price will be as shown. These fabrics are available now and we'll have samples available this week, Jan. 30th 2021. Backrests can be ordered in a different fabric from the base, and you can order additional backrests. Pricing will be dependent on the fabric choice. Let us know which size sofa you are interested in with how many backrests and we can send you more info!

    • Can the back cushions be removed.

      Yes, the back cushions rest on top of the sofa and can be freely moved around.

    • What are the Category D fabric options?

      Category D is a new fabric group that will be released early 2021. Samples are not available yet. You can view Cat G. Florence and Cat G. Milano on the Nicoline site and we have the fabrics themselves on hand for more info.