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See the Conform Leather and Fabric options here.

Inquire about upholstery, height, leg, and ottoman options. 

We can quote the entire Conform Collection, inquire for more details, pricing, and lead time.

Upholstery Sheepskin, leather or fabric.

Back Backrest available in two heights, standard and high version (+5 cm).

Base Surface veneer oak (lacquered), oak (untreated), oak (black stain lacquered), walnut or full upholstered.

Foot Swivel chair with return memory in molded aluminum, white coated molded aluminum, black coated molded aluminum, swivel Quattro aluminum or wood/molded aluminum. The wood options are in oak (lacquered), oak (untreated), oak (black stain lacquered) or walnut (lacquered). All options are possible to get in an extra high seat version (+3,5 cm).

Function Syncro backup which gives you an ergonomically correct rest in all positions. The function consists of three cooperating parts. The lower part of the back, the upper part of the back and the headrest. Adjustable back function with grip on right side of the chair. Adjustable leg rest function with grip on the left side of the chair. With a simple grip you can alter the angel both for the back and leg rest.

Seeing and sitting are the first two words in the Conform dictionary. Each one of their armchairs look so inviting that you just have to try it. And once you’ve sat down, you'll never want to get back up again.

Design, ergonomics and finish are closely linked when Conform develops new products.

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  • hello, I’d like a quote on the I’d like a quote on the Conform Air Recliner with footrest attached, regular size Upholstery leather , price group 58 ; white o1 Back Backrest , standard height . Base Surface veneer oak (lacquered), oak (something that looks gold in color) Foot Swivel chair w swivel Quattro aluminum or wood/molded aluminum. (something that looks gold in color) Function Adjustable leg rest function with grip on the left side of the chair. leadtime and cost with shipping to Folsom, CA 95630 .

    Delivery is included at no cost. Lead time is currently 12-16 weeks. A price quote has been sent to your email along with a rendering in your requested finishes. Please let us know how you would like to proceed!

  • Does AIR & Master have a recline handle on the left and right side of the chairs?

    Generally speaking with Conform chairs the handles are on both sides when the chairs has an attached footrest, and on the right as you are sitting in the chair when the footrest is detached.