Ethnicraft Furniture

Established in Antwerp, Belgium more than 25 years ago by two friends, Benoit Loos and Philippe Delaisse, ​​​​​​Ethnicraft quickly found its identity. Today Ethnicraft continues to broaden their creative palette, developing and extending a furniture collection that remains true to their character.

Centered around quality and warm, natural materials, alongside form and function, we create collections for every room or space: from the furniture that defines the purpose of an area, to the accessories that layer it with meaning. Ethnicraft believes your home should be made from more than just objects. It should be filled with items that have meaning, making your home feel lived-in and quintessentially yours.

Download Ethnicraft Furniture Catalogs available at Trade Source here:

 Ethnicraft Furniture Catalog.

2023 Ethnicraft Furniture Catalog

Ethnicraft Accessories Catalog.

2023 Ethnicraft Accessories Catalog


Here are some FAQs about Ethnicraft and the order process:

What is the lead time for Ethnicraft?

We normally quote 4-6 weeks lead time with white glove delivery in California included! Inquire about white glove delivery included throughout the US.

Where is Ethnicraft furniture made?

Ethnicraft has production sites in Serbia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. Their ateliers can be found in Indonesia, Serbia, Belgium, Italy, Pakistan and Poland. With continuous strategic investments in production capability and technology, we have been able to develop increasingly complex products and support the company’s growth.​​​​​​​​​​​

Ethnicraft's main production site in Serbia does not emit greenhouse gases directly from production. The necessary energy is obtained by burning wood residues. The remaining energy comes from green energy sources. Ethnicraft’s new headquarters, located near Antwerp in Belgium, is exemplary in this matter. Their offices, warehouses and showroom will be supplied with 100% green and solar energy thanks to photovoltaic panels placed on the roof of the building.

Since the beginning, Ethnicraft chose to establish strong, long-term partnerships with its suppliers. Human commitment is just as important as the quality of the products. They pay great attention to working conditions, which is why Ethnicraft's production sites are regularly audited to ensure compliance with labor law, human rights and ethical social and environmental conduct.

Ethnicraft Furniture Design

What is the Ethnicraft warranty?

Ethnicraft pays particular attention to the quality of their products, not only during development stage, but also throughout their life cycle. To this end, Ethnicraft strives to constantly innovate and improve our production processes.

Ethnicraft teams are always available to advise customers on how to care for their products and thus extend their lifespan, as well as how to repair them. When developing new products, Ethnicraft considers repairability at the design stage.

Where possible, we provide our customers with spare parts to extend the life of their products.

Ethnicraft's internal protocols are based on the standards set by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and BIFMA (North American Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association). Moreover, specific products within Ethnicraft's collections are certified by independent external facilities in order to meet the European requirements for contract-grade use. Products also meet specific requirements based around ecological and health regulations such as toxic substance use and flammability.

 Ethnicraft N701 Sofa

Regarding upholstered pieces, as all fabrics have varying characteristics and can stretch (creating puddling) and or show surface wear (creating piling, etc). Ethnicraft is not responsible for claims regarding fabric wear & tear, as it is subject to specific use and or environment. It is the responsibility of the consumer to select fabric appropriate to the intended usage and environment. We've written a bit about this in our post Best Sofa Fabrics for Dogs, Cats, Kids and the Inevitable Red Wine Spill.


How do I take care of my Ethnicraft furniture?

For regular dusting use a dry cloth. For cleaning or in case of a spill, use a damp cloth and natural soap. Dry with a soft clean cloth. Do not use abrasive products when cleaning.

Ethnicraft's furniture is conceived to adapt well to the hydrometric conditions of its environment, although some cracking or movement may occur. This is a normal adaptation to the furniture's environment. Oak furniture is finished with a pigmented hardwax oil. This finish gives the furniture its desired natural color and has the advantage that stains do not penetrate the wood as easily. This is no foolproof guarantee against stains. In case of a spill, remove it immediately.


For dusting, use a dry cloth. For cleaning or in case of a spill, use a damp cloth and natural soap. Wipe in the direction of the grain. Do not use soap containing detergent or other chemicals. Dry with a soft clean cloth prevent spotting. We always recommend protecting surfaces with coasters, mousepads, or placemats as extreme and repetitive daily use or heat can damage the finish. Always move objects such as flowerpots, vases etc from time to time, and ensure any excess water or dampness is wiped dry immediately to prevent marking the surface.


To refresh your furniture or to remove superficial stains we recommend Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner (3029). This product cleans and regenerates the character of the wood and slightly reinforces the original protective coating. Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner is no guarantee against stains.


The original hardwax coating may need to be renewed. We recommend using Osmo Hardwax Oil Natural (3041). In case of discolouration, stubborn stains or to remove a superficial scratch, we advise to sanding the entire surface first. Make sure the surface is clean and dry before applying the Hardwax Oil. Spread the product evenly over the surface and remove any excess product to avoid spots after drying.


We advise the following:

  • Dust regularly using a soft dry cloth.
  • For a more thorough cleaning, use mild soap and warm water. Rinse with clean water and wipe dry.
  • Do not use steel wool, sandpaper, mineral acid, bleach or chlorine cleaners on metal surfaces.
  • Do not drag the furniture along the floor, as it might damage the protective coating, cause rusting or leave permanent marks on the floor.
  • Always lift furniture when moving them from place to place.

Ethnicraft Outdoor Table

What advice do you have to make a long lasting furniture decision?

Here is some general advice when it comes to taking care of furniture.

• Understand whether your product is intended for indoor and/or outdoor use only.

• Recommended humidity in the room: between 40% and 60%.

• Ideal room temperature: between 14°C/57°F and 21 °C/70 °F.

• To prevent color differences with indoor pieces, do not place your furniture in direct sunlight and move objects placed on the furniture from time to time.

• Open your extendable table the first three weeks after installing and afterwards on a regular basis.

• Avoid exposure to extreme conditions: do not place furniture near heating sources or air-conditioners.

• To prevent staining, we recommend that any spills be removed immediately.

• When cleaning the surface, always work in the direction of the wood grain.

• Use place mats and/or coasters to prevent hot pots and pans, or cold glasses and bottles, from leaving marks on the furniture.

• Do not drag the furniture along the floor, always lift the furniture when moving.

• Always ensure water and solutions used to clean the floor do not come in contact with the furniture's base, as it might leave permanent marks.

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