New Innovation Living Sofa Beds for 2021

Each year we anticipate the arrival of some new Danish Designed Innovation Living Sofas, and this year has not disappointed. Our favorite of the new collection is without a doubt the Malloy - a knife-edged, sink in, no frills monument to Denmark's renowned minimalist design with a matching ottoman. But first you might want to check out what on inventory clearance sale to make way for the new product.

Innovation Malloy Sofa

The Malloy is now stocked in 579 Kenya Gravel and the new 590 Microcheck Grey for quick delivery. As with the entire Innovation collection, there is a expanded set of DIY fabrics available for custom order with a 12 week lead time. These sofas flat pack into cartons for ease of delivery and on site assembly. We often get questions about narrow staircases and doorways but have yet to have a one of these sofas not fit on site.

Innovation Malloy Sofa
In addition to the Malloy is the new Muito Sleeper Sofa meant to offer a compact and versatile seating / sleeping solution. These sofas get excellent reviews for the functionality and ease with which they open and close.
Innovation Muito Sofa
We're often asked for new Innovation covers which no longer are offered by Innovation, but they have engineered a new solution. See the slipcovered Conlix Sofa with a whole new set of durable, washable fabrics and new covers available upon request! New fabrics for the stocked Conlix include: 317 Cordufine Rust, 318  Cordufine Beige, 570, 888, and 893.
March 14, 2021 by Trade Source