New Furniture Designs by Bontempi Casa for 2024

Bontempi Casa is an esteemed Italian furniture brand with a rich history dating back to 1963. It was founded in Ancona, Italy, and initially focused on local furniture production. Despite its expansion to international markets, Bontempi Casa has retained its core values and continues to operate as a family-run business. The company prides itself on consistently renewing its approach to design, striving to be an ambassador of Italian design worldwide​​.

The brand is known for its unique blend of creativity, imagination, and empathy, which are evident in its furniture designs. Bontempi Casa leverages technology, innovative design, and new materials to create collections that cater to diverse tastes and needs. Their style is bold and recognizable, reflecting a deep understanding of their customers' desires​​.

Founded by Alessandro and Giancarlo Bontempi, the company has over five decades of experience in the furniture industry. It has maintained a philosophy of constant innovation, integrating aesthetics, utility, and comfort in its products. This philosophy is evident in their modern, contemporary, and traditional interior pieces, renowned for their style and craftsmanship​​​​.

In its early days, Bontempi Casa started with a production capacity of less than 20,000 parcels and about 200 accounts, reflecting a commitment to quality and a passion for craftsmanship. This commitment has remained a cornerstone of their business philosophy over the years​​.

Overall, Bontempi Casa stands out in the furniture industry for its dedication to quality, innovative design, and the embodiment of Italian craftsmanship, continuously evolving while staying true to its roots and values.

Let's see what is new for 2024:

The Bach Table


Majestic and enchanting, Bach is a table with a significant scenic vigor, a sign of the never-ending search for elegance. The technically developed sculptural base with soft shapes creates a game of solids and voids, that make the impressive table delicate from a visual point of view. Incorporating a blend of technical expertise and artistic design, Bach is a table that exudes a majestic and enchanting aura. With its sculptural base and delicate shapes, this impressive table creates a captivating interplay of solids and voids.

The Bach Console

Bontempi Casa Bach Console


The Bach console lies on two elegant and plain molded elements that intersect enriching its sober and light design. The wood or Supermarble top endows this console with a timeless beauty and a classical touch, making it match with the other pieces of this collection. Crafted with precision, the Bach console rests upon two elegant and plain molded elements, creating a refined and minimalist design.


The Amelie Chair

Bontempi Casa Amelie Chair

Amelie is an elegant and charming chair, which is also casual and has an embracing comfort due to the finely curved and softly upholstered back and seat, which give to the seat the comfort of an armchair. The roundness of spindle legs lightens and softens its figure with generous sizes, that perfectly match with the international taste and that make this chair a must have for every environment, from the dining room to the living room and the studio.


Amelie is an elegant and charming chair that offers a combination of casual style and embracing comfort. The finely curved and softly upholstered back and seat provide the comfort of an armchair, while the roundness of spindle legs adds a touch of lightness and softness to its overall figure.

The Matisse Desk


Functionality, synthesis, and sober design make Matisse a practical piece of furniture. Matisse is a desk useful to create a reading corner, a minimal desk for home office workspaces and can also be used as a console. Finely equipped, this desk, with its contained dimensions and its slim structure, states the incessant pursuit of innovation: the glove compartment enriches the desk design, the retractable drawer is a useful space that allows to create aesthetic order in minimal, yet refined environment. Featuring a sleek and minimalist design, Matisse is a highly functional piece of furniture suitable for creating a cozy reading corner. It can also serve as a compact desk for home office workspaces or even as a stylish console.

 The Musa Sideboard


Musa sideboard is an innovative interpretation of simplicity and versatility of wood. This sideboard with its pure and simple design seduces also for the texture of its doors, which are run vertically by grooves forming a graphic motif on the surface, which creates a harmonious game of lights and shadows and a tridimensional effect. This manufacturing work endows a classic piece of furniture with great stylistic character.

Bontempi Musa Cabinet

The Musa sideboard is a prime example of the simplicity and versatility of wood. Its design is clean and minimalistic, with vertically grooved doors that create a visually captivating graphic motif on the surface. This clever use of texture plays with light and shadows, resulting in a stunning three-dimensional effect.

The Franz Sofa

Bontempi Franz Sofa

Curvy and oversized, the Franz sofa is expression of style and of desire of coziness and visual harmony. The rounded back envelops the cushions of the seat, which have a generous thickness ensuring a perfect ergonomics and emphasizing comfort and softness. The shapes offer various possibilities of configuration while the chromatic combinations give interesting style opportunities for a living with an outstanding personality.


The Franz sofa features a curvy and oversized design that expresses style and a desire for coziness and visual harmony. Its rounded back envelops the cushions of the seat, which are generously thick and ensure perfect ergonomics, emphasizing comfort and softness.

Here is a guided tour of the Bontempi Casa furniture showroom in Milan, Italy.

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November 15, 2023 by Trade Source

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